Democrats Just Filed A Bill To Block Trump From Launching Nukes Without Congressional Approval


    The thought of Donald Trump having the ability to start an all out nuclear war may seem absolutely terrifying to most. However, Representative Ted Lieu has introduced a bill that would require congress to provide approval before nuclear weapons could be used.

    Of course, Trump has already expressed an interest in using nuclear missiles on various occasions.  In fact, he stated that he would like to expand and modernize our nuclear arsenal due to his belief that we are in a nuclear arms race. 

    Obviously, nuclear weapons could possibly be one of the most powerful threats in our modern times. North Korea has pushed forward with their missile testing, as well as the People’s Republic of China.

    The Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017 would require a declaration of war from Congress before the President could push us forward into nuclear war. The bill would still allow the president to use nuclear weapons if the U.S was struck first.

    “Nuclear war poses the gravest risk to human survival. Yet, President Trump has suggested that he would consider launching nuclear attacks against terrorists. Unfortunately, by maintaining the option of using nuclear weapons first in a conflict, U.S. policy provides him with that power. In a crisis with another nuclear-armed country, this policy drastically increases the risk of unintended nuclear escalation.” said Sen. Markey in a statement.

    Shortly after, Representative Lieu stated, “It is a frightening reality that the U.S. now has a Commander-in-Chief who has demonstrated ignorance of the nuclear triad, stated his desire to be ‘unpredictable’ with nuclear weapons, and as President-elect was making sweeping statements about U.S. nuclear policy over Twitter. Congress must act to preserve global stability by restricting the circumstances under which the U.S. would be the first nation to use a nuclear weapon.”

    With the House of Congress being currently controlled by Republicans, the possibility of the bill actually passing is quite low. However, it should serve as a reminder of exactly how dangerous nuclear war could be for not only the U.S, but the entire world. If Donald Trump is to improve foreign policy as he is promised, the beginning of that improvement does not lie within the field of nuclear war.

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