Croc-less monster: Terrifying crocodile spotted in Thames turns out to be piece of rope



ON THE ROPES: Daily Star investigator Joe Kasper and the croc-alike

Fearless hacks Joe Kasper and Joe Coshan went croc hunting after a picture appeared on the internet.

A 5ft “croc” was snapped lying on a plank of wood in Millwall Dock in the Isle of Dogs in East London by a city worker known only as Ben.

And the image swept the web yesterday, with some viewers convinced it was the real thing.

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SNAPPED: City workers spotted the mysterious beast in Millwall Dock

The two Joes, equipped with cork hats and a net, were taken out by dinghy instructor Iona Dixon at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre.

She took them inches away from where the monster was spotted.

However, the fearless pair unfortunately did not capture the toothy creature, but did come close to a couple of local wild birds.

Pile of ropeFACEBOOK

TOOTHLESS: The beast turned out to be a pile of rope

City worker Ben was convinced he’d photographed a crocodile.

“To our horror, we spotted what appears to be some sort of large reptile”


He said: “I was out for a stroll on my lunch break with a colleague and taking our usual route around the docks enjoying the sun.

“While circumnavigating Millwall Outer Dock we passed the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, where there were children enjoying a paddle in canoes.

“Then, to our horror, we spotted what appears to be some sort of large reptile.

“My colleague thought it might be a dinosaur but I corrected him and said that it looked more like a crocodile.”

There has been some suggestion the reptile was merely a piece of rope.

Centre manager Judi Sanders said: “We haven’t had any cancellations yet, but I’m expecting some.”

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