CNN Ratings Hit All-Time Record Low


    CNN has been referred to as the mouthpiece for the establishment for quite some time by whistle-blowers such as Wikileaks. Recently in the week ending on December 18, they received the lowest recorded viewers per day for advertisement supported networks.

    The rating they received was a number 18. Stations that outranked the network included The Cartoon Network and Home and Garden TV Network. If we translate this to the opinions of the masses, it would possibly mean that people view The Cartoon Network as a more reality based network. What’s more interesting, is the fact that even The Food Network had received more daily viewers than CNN.

    CNN didn’t even make it in the top 25 of prime-time television viewers.

    And it isn’t just CNN that is falling from their pedestal in the news world. Recently the CEO of Snopes was accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company and then spending the funds on prostitutes. One of which, he ended up marrying, and bringing on to the company. Up until last year, his new wife was considered a high-end escort and her resume included past work as a porn star and even a political campaign. During her time campaigning, she had slogans such as “don’t get screwed again” which she had placed on condoms that she passed out the public. All the while, Snopes has maintained that they are ethical and neutral sources of information.

    There once was a time when the press was credible and held the government to a higher standard. Unfortunately, now they are merely puppets for a higher agenda of globalism, corruption, and lies. No longer can we expect true information from most sources of mainstream media. Instead, we are given propaganda which they are paid to push out so that we can continue living in an age of deceit.

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