China Deploys Nuclear Missiles To Russia In Preparation For U.S War


    China has reportedly deployed nuclear missiles to the Russia-China border in anticipation of war with the United States.

    According to RT:

    “Beijing has deployed advanced Dongfeng-41 ICBMs in Heilongjiang Province, which borders Russia, according to reports based on images, possibly leaked to coincide with Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president.

    UPDATE: In a statement to RIA Novosti, the Chinese Foreign Ministry called media reports on China’s deployment of ballistic missiles to the Russian border “speculations and crude guesses.”

    “Pictures of China’s Dongfeng-41 ballistic missile were exposed on Chinese mainland websites,” the Global Times said citing reports in “some Hong Kong and Taiwan media.” Russian news agencies identified one of them as the Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based tabloid-style resource.

    “It was revealed that the pictures were taken in Heilongjiang Province. Military analysts believe that this is perhaps the second Dongfeng-41 strategic missile brigade and it should be deployed in northeastern China,” the report in the Chinese daily adds. The Global Times works under the auspices of the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, though the former tends to be more controversial.”

    They also noted that “The alleged deployment of the DF-41 near Russia’s border should not be read as a threat to Russia, military analyst Konstantin Sivkov told RIA Novosti.

    “DF-41 missiles placed near Russia’s border are a smaller threat than if they were placed deeper in the Chinese territory. Such missiles usually have a very large ‘dead zone’ [area within minimal range that cannot be attacked by a weapon],” he said, adding that the ICBMs would not be able to target Russia’s Far East and most of Eastern Siberia from the Heilongjiang Province.”

    I have seen a lot of false reports saying that it was meant as an act of aggression towards Russia, but you have to ask yourself; why would Russia and China, two countries that seemingly like one another, suddenly prepare for war? The answer is the U.S. and Donald Trump. China’s deployment of the DF-41 reportedly coincided with Trump’s inauguration as U.S. President on Friday.

    Is a China vs. U.S. war imminent?

    The deployment of the DF-41 ICBMs was interpreted as China’s not so subtle response to the inauguration. Beijing perceives the Trump presidency as a threat to its security and regional hegemony in Asia. Before assuming office on Friday, Trump had slammed the Chinese in pretty much all of his speeches. The new president has threatened to put an end to the One China policy, which is often viewed as the foundation of U.S. China relations.

    The economic well-being and the One China policy are not the only two matters of national importance for China that Trump seems to be opposing. He has repeatedly criticized Beijing’s actions in the South China Sea. On Monday, Trump even promised that he would prevent China from seizing territories in the South China Sea, something Beijing has previously warned would b deemed as an act of war.

    Now Beijing reportedly has plans to deploy at least three brigades of Dongfeng-41 throughout China. It’s yet unclear where the Chinese military may be planning to station the remaining two DF-41 brigades.

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