Caterham-30th August 2016


Location of Sighting: CR3 5NL
Date of Sighting: 30/08/16
Time: 00.30 to 00.35
Witness Name: Piers Evans
Witness Statement: Statement

On 30/08/16 between 00.30 and 00.35, as I was about to start work, my attention was drawn to a cluster of orange lights in the sky, at an elevation of about 30 degrees, in the direction of about 10 degrees East of North. I was standing in my drive at 8 Coulsdon Place, Caterham on the Hill, CR3 5NL. It was about 16 degrees Celsius and the sky was clear. The moon was in the East and only a “thumbnail” crescent. The orange lights were much brighter.

As this area is over flown by aircraft approaching and departing from Heathrow I, naturally, assumed that this was one but its attitude and monochromic orange lights were not those of any aircraft that I have ever seen, including fixed wing, helicopter, autogyro or micro light types. All aircraft that I have seen at night have at least two different coloured lights and often at least one flashing light. There was no noise.

At first I thought that it was moving towards me, banking to its left as if to turn away from the usual route of aircraft in this area that are approaching Heathrow, from the South East, Biggin Hill, North West to Epsom, but it stayed static whilst I watched.

I used the Flight Radar 24 app on my mobile phone and established that there were known, identified, aircraft in the vicinity but what I saw was only shown as an orange dot with no identification tag.

As I watched, the lights diminished as if getting smaller or receding away from me at the same elevation and in the same direction, 10 degrees East of North, until they disappeared. I was unable to take any photographs, unfortunately.

Perplexed, I went to work.


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