Carmarthenshire-14th &17th September 2016


Location of Sighting: Carmarthenshire
Date of Sighting: 14.09.16 & 17.09.16
Time:23-00 hours
Witness Name:Kevin & Diana Reader
Witness Statement: At about 23-00 hours my wife said there is a light in the sky that is not moving it has been static for sometime, I looked and could see the and it looked as if was flashing and changing colour although appeared to be static. I got out my binoculars and looked at it and found that it was changing colours red blue green white and it was not static but dancing around up and down and side to side and then still again. When it was viewed without binoculars you were not able to see the dancing movement, we called my daughter and see also viewed it but could not offer any explanation. We watched it for about an hour and then went to bed. We then witnessed it a again couple of days later. We saw a similar light in the sky last year over a neighbours property but thought it was something to do with him but this time it was not over any property.


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