Britain To Send hundreds More Troops To Russia’s Border As Cold War Tensions Escalate


    Recently Guy Verhofstadt has stated what appears to say Russia is using a fleet of warships to terrorize EU and NATO forces. Could this be an act of war?

    There was something in the news yesterday that seemed to slip by everyone:

    Guy Verhofstadt, former prime minister of Belgium and now the EU’s representative on Brexit talks with the UK, called Spain’s decision to allow the refuelling “scandalous”.

    “It is scandalous that Spain, a member of NATO and the EU, is today allowing the Russian #Kuznetsov fleet to refuel and receive technical assistance on Spanish territory. Only last week – this Spanish Government signed up to a statement from the European Council accusing Russia of war crimes against civilians in #Aleppo, yet today it provides assistance to a fleet which has one purpose; the annihilation of Aleppo and the harassment of EU & NATO forces.”

    It appears World War III has already started. The British Prime Minister seems to have called for ‘pressure’ on Moscow over the Syria crisis with good reason and has decided to send hundreds more troops close to the Russian border. About eight hundred soldiers as well as tanks, armored vehicles, and drones will be heading to Estonia in the spring. This being a NATO effort to reassure the Baltic states over ‘Russian aggression.’

    This mission has been increased quite a bit.Originally it was supposed to be only five hundred soldiers. This mission in itself will be the largest long-term deployment to one of Russia’s neighbours since the end of the Cold War. These British troops will be forming one of four NATO battalions to be deployed in response to our threat from Russia. Who knows what is to come. This definitely sounds like war is already in our sights…

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