Bose Headphones Are Spying On Listeners


    According to a recent lawsuit, sound quality may not be the only thing that comes along with your Bose headphones. No, instead, the lawsuit alleges that Bose Corporation is actually spying on their customers.

    The complaint was filed on April 17 by Kyle Zak in a federal court in Chicago. It is his intention to prevent Bose’s ‘wholesale disregard’ for its customer’s privacy. After purchasing his $350 pair of headphones last month, he then registered them by using his name and email address along with the serial number provided with the headphones.

    Afterwards, he downloaded the Bose Connect app, which he says was supposed to make his headphones more useful by adding features that could customize his experience.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t realize exactly what he had signed up for. His complaint alleges that Bose had collected information that they had not covered in their privacy policy. For example, they collect music history, listening history, and other personal identifying details. In the lawsuit, Zak says that if a person listens to Muslim prayer music, Bose could obtain their religious preference. Going further, he believes that Bose could even collect a person’s sexual preference or health issues by their listening history.

    “People should be uncomfortable with it,” Christopher Dore, a lawyer representing Zak, said in an interview. “People put headphones on their head because they think it’s private, but they can be giving out information they don’t want to share.”

    Zak explains that he had only downloaded the app to increase the capabilities of his new device, but instead found that Bose had sent ‘all available media information’ from his smartphone to third parties such as, who has vowed to collect customer data and ‘send it anywhere.’

    Bose refused to respond on Wednesday after the lawsuit had bee filed. Zak is seeking millions of dollars in damages for the customers of Bose who had purchased the QuietComfort 35, QuietControl 30, SoundLink Around-EAR Wireless Headphones II, SoundLink Color II, SoundSport Wireless and SoundSport Pulse Wireless. He is also requesting that the data collection be stopped as it violates the federal Wiretap act. 

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