BLOGGER'S BALLS-UP: Why you should never coat your testicles in a plaster cast


Russian Boroda Dead treated subscribers to his YouTube channel to the unusual experiment which involved smothering his groin in plaster of Paris.

But the crazy filmmaker soon realised it was a bad idea after he failed to take into account the fact the hardening of the plaster involves it heating to almost 70C.

This meant the second half of the project saw Mr Dead frantically trying an array of different tools to free his manhood from its encased tomb.

He tried to break off the plaster with a hammer and chisel, attempted to cut through it with a saw, and even tried a power drill on the plaster. 

He said: “Hi, I made an experiment with my balls. I immured my manhood, but I did not consider the fact the alabaster is getting warmer when it is getting solid.

“My balls are burning! My manhood is burning just as if it was put inside the stove.” 

A friend urged him to “go to the bathroom and pour cold water on them”, but it was obvious that the blogger needed to take more drastic action.

The cameraman helpfully warned: “Don’t cut your balls off, dude.”

Boroda finally managed to free himself, bringing to an end the experiment which he will be unlikely to repeat.

The video of his ordeal quickly went viral on his blog where subscribers reached their own conclusions.

One wrote: “Stupid people just can’t stop doing stupid things.”

Another added: “Dude, I get the fact you need more likes but you forget that overheating of your manhood could lead to infertility. You better film something less dangerous next time.”

Boroda replied to his critics, saying: “I didn’t film the video for rating purposes. It just happened that way. My balls were so hot, I thought they would turn into charcoal.”

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