Bizarre ‘Bio Warfare’ Storm Kills Five In Kuwait


    A strange “bio warfare” storm has left five people dead in Kuwait, merely days after a similar storm left six people dead in Australia. Many people believe that the storms are caused by biological warfare agents that are being tested on humans.

    Local news sources say that two Egyptians and a 35-year-old Indian immigrant died at the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital during the bizarre storm. Five workers passed away as well from “severe asthma attacks” while torrential rain hammered down on the nation Friday. Two others were admitted to the hospital later and passed away from asthma as well.

    The previous storm, which occurred in Australia left a massive injury count of over 9,000 and left six others for dead. The event was referred to as “thunderstorm asthma.” Unfortunately, the freak weather event was too much for the area, and emergency services were not able to handle the number of injuries that were left by the storm.

    There is quite a bit of speculation surrounding the possibility that the event could possibly be a result of biological warfare, and chemical agents that have purposefully been placed in the atmosphere.

    Since the event took place there have been seven others who were taken to the intensive care until at Mubarak Al-Kabir. Officials have reported that these types of incidents are caused by sudden changes in weather conditions. However, with all of the information surrounding man-made climate change, it is hard to believe this statement for a fact. If this were actually a true statement, then wouldn’t similar events be quite a bit less rare, and possibly, for that matter, common occurrences?

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