Big One Coming to Europe? Malaga at Risk of Huge Earthquake Says Shock Report


    Seismologists have now determined that Malaga municipalities are now at the highest risk of being hit by an earthquake. If such an event were to happen, massive tsunamis could follow, which could cause detrimental damage in Europe.

    Malaga is located in the southern region of Spain. Seismologists reported this newest threat by having the Provincial Council of Malaga publish a map. On the revised and published map, the municipalities of Axarquia and Nororma are shown to be at the greatest risk for a mega-quake. The eastern area of Costa del Sol is stated to have the smallest risk for seismic activity, while the Mijas and Benalmadena areas have a moderate risk for tremors.

    According to the Vice-president of AEIS, Ricardo Garcia-Arribas, the closer a region is to the Grenada fault line, the higher the risk would be for major seismic activity. He further stated that earthquakes experienced would hold higher risks for a magnitude eight or nine earthquake.

    The main risk lies in the city of Malanga which experts have cited has a 70% chance of experiencing an earthquake in the near future. While this would also pose a risk for tsunamis, giant waves should not be expected due to the small amount of ocean which lies between Malanga and Morocco. It would be in the cities that lie on the southwest coast of Spain where major tsunamis would threaten the general public.

    Experts believe the revised map could possibly aid in preparations for such an event. Due to the fact that the report explains legitimate threats posed to Spain, citizens and authorities would be able to plan accordingly. Furthermore, buildings that would be constructed in the future could be built in order to withstand such seismic activity.

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