Beware of the TISA: TPP Replacement Said to be Much Worse than Original


    Within days of entering the Oval Office, Donald Trump won the hearts of many of his followers after he eradicated the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP.) However, their cheers of joy apparently came too quickly, as the TPP’s replacement is said to be exponentially worse than its predecessor.

    The Trade in Services Agreement, or TISA, “if passed would prohibit regulations on the financial industry, eliminate laws to safeguard online or digital privacy, render illegal any ‘buy local’ rules at any level of government, effectively dismantle any public advantages to be derived from state-owned enterprises and eliminate net neutrality.”

    Negotiations regarding TISA began in April of 2013. Of course, the media has remained silent regarding the negotiations, except for a few leaks released by WikiLeaks that are archived on 

    Earlier TISA drafts would prohibit new regulations, including specific bans on laws that separate commercial and investment banking. Restrictions on the transfer of collected data would be banned, even across international borders, and social security systems would be at risk of privatization or possible elimination. Furthermore, internet privacy would no longer exist. Sadly, despite negotiations, the agreement hasn’t become any more acceptable than it was, to begin with.

    The European Union is negotiating TISA on behalf of its 28 member countries, along with, among others, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Norway, Switzerland, Pakistan and Turkey,” according to the documents.

    Unfortunately, this could be the beginning of an imminent financial takeover. Throughout the past year, various nations from all over the world have had cash bans implemented. Due to such legislation, India has removed almost all paper currency from circulation by threatening citizens with poverty.

    In a fact sheet discussing TISA, the Government of Sweden wrote,

    “The basic premise is to further develop the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and create a better and more predictable agreement. The aim is for the agreement to eventually be integrated into the WTO. New countries are officially welcome and a number of countries have joined in since the start. If more countries joined, the benefits of TiSA would increase. This would also be a step towards integrating TiSA into the WTO. One key issue is the participation of China, which requested in 2013 to be allowed to take part in the negotiations. China’s entry to TiSA has clear political support from the EU.”

    If the TISA is implemented, pure chaos will ensue. Any remaining privacy or financial stability left for individuals could be completely eradicated. Sadly, the media has completely left the nation in the dark regarding the corrupt legislation. While everyone continues to blow up balloons celebrating the removal of the TPP, somehow they missed the sly movement forward towards the same decree with possibly worse implications.
    Watch the following video created two years explaining why the TISA is just as bad as the TPP, if not worse.

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