Bernie Supporter Physically Removed from Hillary Rally


    A scheduled speaker at a Hillary Clinton rally went off-script and began listing reasons why the audience shouldn’t vote for her – until he was physically removed from the stage!

    Speaking in front of a typically small, lackluster Hillary rally, the brave college sophomore told the crowd of Democrats that they shouldn’t trust their nominee for president.

    The only people that can trust Hillary are Goldman Sachs, Citigroup can trust Hillary, and the military-industrial complex can trust Hillary, her good friend Henry Kissinger can trust Hillary.”


    Bernie Sanders has turned his back on Hillary Clinton, promising to fight her at every turn in the Senate should she be elected President.

    bernie sanders

    I guess Democrat stooges can’t handle the truth – a man who had been loitering in the wings marched on stage and physically escorted the brave college student away from the microphone before he could drop any more truth bombs.

    Baxter Dmitry

    Baxter Dmitry

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