BEGINNING OF THE END? Shock claims Brexit vote signals start of THE RAPTURE


Shock predictions include financial chaos on a global scale right through to the Rapture and Second Coming of Christ.

The first doom-monger to crack online appears to have been a YouTube channel called Dockidds.

It is run by a US-based online preacher, who describes himself as “a watchman”.

Dockidds has had a total of 17.8 million views online and his online “about me” blurb states: “I Sound the Alarm, WARNING everyone of what’s happening in end times prophecy and events.”

He published a brief video in the early hours just as the Brexit result came in.

In the creepy film, he was shrouded in almost complete darkness as he spoke to the world through his computer.

He said: “I believe this Brexit being on will have huge financial and global ramifications.

“Everything happens because of God’s will, and I think this is a sign of the breaking up, the preparation of form, the 10 kingdoms, and they have the kings…running the earth under the Antichrist’s Iron Fist.

“Time is so close my friend, it is so short. 

“If you don’t know Jesus Christ as lord and saviour…it’s urgent, pray the prayer.

“Take care of yourself and wake up the Rapture is imminent, the world is about to change, and believe me it is not going to be for the good.

“The world’s going to change worse and worse every second of every day.”

In a video yesterday, online preacher Pastor Paul Begley predicted a Brexit.

He stopped short of saying it would mean an imminent death knell.

But, he did say it would not be a good sign.

He said: “If you see Great Britain exit the EU, major changes are coming.

“Where there’s a shift, there’s a rift and things will get ugly.”

Fortunately, end of the world predictions have been made and not happened more times than anyone can remember.

Anything from a strong earthquake or volcanic eruption to a significant plane crash is enough to bring them out to prophesies.


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