Banksy’s Hard-Hitting Christmas Card Might Just Change Your Perspective


    Banksy’s classic and ironic Christmas card depicts Mary and Joseph crossing the desert to Bethlehem and coming to the apartheid wall separating Israel from Palestine and the West Bank. Due to the holidays, the card has once again gone viral and has begun making its rounds on the internet.

    The card actually made its first appearance at Santa’s Ghetto exhibit in London in 2005, following Banksy’s trip to the middle east.

    The image on the card has sent a powerful message about the divide that is taking place in the middle east in reference to race and ethics. Due to this divide, a massive refugee crisis has begun, and ghettos have been produced in many areas of the middle east. On the card, Mary and Joseph, who were refugees of their time are highlighted during the time in which they made their journey to Bethlehem so Mary could give birth the Jesus.

    When the state of Israel was created, instead of the Arab and Jewish people integrating cultures, the Jewish migrants pushed the Palestinian people into the ghettos. Then, a wall was built, which separated the people from water and food growing sources. They lost their rights to organize, own property, and to work. The policies implemented by Israel caused an up-rise in physical violence, which has spread throughout the Middle East, causing the Western world to establish a permanent involvement in the area’s affairs.

    Sadly, many Palestinians remain homeless, and live in the wilderness. They have lost everything, including their basic rights. If they were able to have their freedoms back, they could once again establish a real society for themselves and possibly get back to a thriving status. These same policies were used against the Native American’s when the American government was first implemented.

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