Bangladeshi man invents ELECTRICITY-FREE air conditioner out of plastic bottles AND gives blueprint away to public for FREE


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

— Leonardo da Vinvi

  A young inventor from Bangladesh named Ashis Paul, has come up with a
brilliant way to not only reuse plastic bottles, but to use them to
create an electricity-free air conditioner that is incredibly simple for
all people to build. 

This could excellent innovation is going to prove to be life-changing for millions and millions of impoverished people around the world!

Named the “Eco-Cooler”,
the simple, but profound design uses a simple bottlenecking method that naturally cools
air by about five degrees as it passes through it.

To show you how simple but genius the concept is, think about the fact that if you
blow air out with your mouth wide open, the air is warm, but if your purse
your lips close together the air is cooler. That is exactly how it works.

Bangladesh is well known for having ridiculously hot summers.  Temperatures in the local village huts can get up to about 113 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Eco-Cooler will help to change this. Obviously it will not operate with the same efficiency as an electric air conditioning unit, but that does not change how helpful this will be to those who need it most.

More than 25,000 eco-coolers have already been established in Bangladesh by volunteers and many more are expected to be setup too.

To make this Cinderella invention even more profound is, unlike the greed of massive corporations who have the best scientists and technology in the world to help make this world a better place, Ashis Paul has released the blue print to the public for free!

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