As It Turns Out, 94% of US Tap Water Contains Plastic Fibers


    Sure, when you think tap water you may think of things like fluoride, but have you ever considered whether or not there might be plastic in it? Sounds a bit outlandish but according to this study, there is plastic in tap water across the globe!

    For this study, tap water samples were taken from over a dozen nations and analyzed by scientists for an investigation being carried out by Orb Media. The United States actually had the highest contamination rate (94 percent) out of all the countries they analyzed. According to this research, 83 percent of the world’s tap water is contaminated with plastic fibers.

    Water samples for the US actually came from places like Trump Tower and the EPA headquarters, according to Time. It seems these microscopic fragments make their way into the water system because of things like tire dust, synthetic fiber clothing, and even micro beads. This contamination problem is only getting worse when you consider just how much plastic is being produced annually.

    “This should knock us into our senses. We Knew that this plastic is coming back to us through our food chain. Now we see it coming back to us through our drinking water. Do we have a way out?” -Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and founder of Grameen Bank

    In this research, places like Europe, Indonesia, and Ecuador ranged in the 70-76 percent area of contamination while India, New Delhi, and Uganda were in the low 80s. I, for one, find this whole ordeal to be a bit unsettling, to say the least. With this newest discovery showing that pollutants like plastic being in our water, it begs the question: What else is in our water that we don’t know about?

    Research on this is still in the early stages, meaning that we could find something much worse. However, we will have to keep our fingers crossed that that isn’t the case. For more information on this check out the video below. Did you know that you were drinking plastic contaminated water?

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