Antarctica Update: More Strange Visitors on the Travel List!


    In the past few weeks, we have reported on various strange occurrences that have taken place in Antarctica. After further review, it appears that the bizarre situation is much deeper than we ever imagined.

    If you do a bit of research on the internet regarding visitors who have found their way to Antarctica, you will find that the list contains many notable politicians, royalty, and even a former astronaut.

    Bill Clinton became the first U.S president to visit Antarctica’s Deep Freeze Base in Christchurch back in September of 1990. Then, many years later, in 2013, Prince Harry of Wales along with his Royal family paid a visit to the South Pole as well to “trek to the geographic South Pole.” While the trip was made to “highlight the extraordinary courage and determination of the men and women who have been wounded while serving their countries and to draw attention to the need to help in their career transition” something about this statement just seemed odd. Why would it be necessary to travel to the South Pole to achieve this?

    Then, later, U.S Secretary of State John Kerry became a visitor as well. According to the mainstream media, the trip was made in order to learn more about “climate change.”

    What made his trip that much stranger was the date on which it occurred. November 8, 2016, or election day. He became the very first secretary of state to make this journey.

    The list topper, however, was Buzz Aldrin and his most recent trip to the pole. The Apollo 11 astronaut made his voyage on November 29, 2016. During his short trip there, he posted on Twitter that “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.” The post was quickly deleted, however, many screenshots were taken to record the odd event. Hours later he was evacuated due to sickness.

    It would seem that there would be a deeper underlying reason behind the visits that have been made by so many random, yet notable politicians and government figures. Included with Buzz Aldrin’s bizarre post was a picture of an alleged pyramid that can be seen on Google Maps. Supposedly the image is from Antarctica. Based on the random visits, strange surrounding events, etc, there are many people who are now speculating that there is someone or something in Antarctica that has called for such attention.

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