Another week on paradise: Tens of thousands of wildlife reported dead around the globe last week


    The last week of February proved to be another disastrous week on the planet for wildlife.

    There are far too many events to post individually so here is a highlighted list below.

    28/2/17: 4,200 waterbirds dead due to ‘avian cholera’ in Idaho, America
    PARMA — The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is reporting that the number of waterfowl killed by an outbreak of avian cholera has now exceeded 4,200.

    28/2/17: 200 cows found dead, ‘due to heatwave’ in La Pampa, Argentina
    Temperatures of 40C plus has killed more than 200 cows in Argentina.

    Due to the intense heat wave, about 200 animals died in the province of La Pampa.

    28/2/17: Mass die off of birds due to avian flu right across Hungary and Romania

    Two countries in Europe—Hungary and Romania—reported more highly pathogenic H5N8 outbreaks in wild birds and poultry

    Click on RSOE Alert map to enlarge, red squares indicate humans infected or dead

    27/2/17: 42,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Plateau, Nigeria
    Avian influenza killed 42,000 birds in 12 farms in Plateau, between January and February 2017, according to the local chapter of the Poultry Association of Nigeria.

    “Some farmers, out of desperation and frustration, decided to sell their affected birds in the open markets.

    27/2/17: 27,000 ducks killed due to avian flu in Sant Gregori, Spain
    The outbreak of bird flu forced the slaughter of birds on two other farms in Sant Gregori

    So far, 27,000 ducks have been removed from nine facilities

    25/2/17: 1,000+ cattle dead due to drought in Tehuantepec, Mexico
    More than a thousand heads of livestock have died
    The lack of rain and the closing of the Benito Juárez dam have caused the grasslands to dry

    23/2/17: 90,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Chungcheong Province, South Korea 
    South Korea has culled more than 33 million poultry since November
    Thousands of birds slaughtered in South Korea avian flu outbreak

    Workers at the emergency response headquarters for the avian influenza outbreak are busy tracking the spread of the bird flu, at the Gyeonggi Provincial Government in Suwon, south of Seoul, South Korea, on Feb. 11. Facing its worst avian influenza outbreak, South Korea has culled more than 33 million poultry since the first reported case last November. Photo by Yonhap/EPA

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