Another large dolphin pod beached themselves last week while a massive coronal hole on the Sun faced the Earth


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    38 carcasses wash up on Sundays River, in sixth stranding in same area over last 20 years
    A baffling phenomenon saw the discovery of 38 dolphin carcasses scattered along the Sundays River coastline yesterday – the sixth such incident of common dolphins beaching themselves at the approximate same spot over a period of 20 years.
    SANParks spokeswoman Fayroush Ludick said yesterday’s discovery, near Bird Island, of the pod of 38 common dolphins – 22 adults and 16 juveniles – was the largest recorded number of dolphins beaching themselves on the Southern Coast.
    The causes for the stranding are still unclear.
    The 2km stretch of shore dotted with the decomposing dolphins was discovered by East London helicopter pilot Noel Greyling, 28, during one of his weekly trips along the coast from East London to Port Elizabeth.
    Wildlife expert and Bayworld marine- biologist Dr Grey Hofmeyr described the event as a rare but regular occurrence along the shoreline between Sundays River and Woody Cape.
    The previous incident saw four dolphins beach around the same time five years ago.
    In March 2000, 28 dolphins beached themselves at the same spot.
    Hofmeyr will spend the weekend collecting specimens from the decaying caresses to gather research information in an attempt to shed light on the mysterious event.
    “There are no definitive reasons as to why the dolphins do it, but there are several theories, one being that the lead dolphin might have been sick or injured and beached itself, and because of their strong group dynamics the rest of the pod could have followed,” Hofmeyr said.

    The report does not give a definate date when the dolphins actually became stranded but they were found on March the 29th with decaying caresses which would suggest they died earlier in that week when a massive coronal hole faced the Earth all that week, see picture below taken by SDO on the 25th of March

    In a Big Wobble exclusive last week I claimed Coronal holes and magnetic storms were responsible for mass whale and dolphin stranding’s and this report further strengthens these findings, you can read the article Here

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