Anonymous Has Hacked ISIS’ Twitter Accounts AGAIN and Made Them Fabulously Gay


    WachulaGhost, a hacker affiliated with group anonymous decided after the Orlando terrorist attacks to hack ISIS members’ Twitter accounts and decorate them with gay imagery. And now, almost a year later, he’s at it again.

    While many would assume this to be a difficult feat to accomplish, WachulaGhost insists that it was surprisingly easy. And it actually only took him around a minute to flood their page with gay pornography.

    According to WachulaGhost, he took control of 250 social media accounts that are supposedly associated with terrorist group, ISIS. Once he had hacked his way in, he would then fill the accounts with rainbow flags, pro-LGBT messages, gay porn and links to gay porn websites. Unfortunately, because of his hacktivism, he told CNN that he has received multiple threats.

    “I get beheading images… death threats. ‘We’re going to kill you’ and that’s good because if they are focusing on me they are not doing anything else.”

    “We started to take over their accounts with porn and gay pride images basically just to troll them. We thought that putting the naked images would offend them.”

    However, he and the others working with him aren’t trying to offend all Muslims. Instead, they have banded together to offend extremists that have caused harm to innocent people due to their beliefs. Of course, flooding their Twitter accounts with gay porn probably won’t put an end to terrorism, it’s still pretty damn funny.

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