Andover, Hampshire-19th September 2016


Location of Sighting: Andover, Hampshire, UK
Date of Sighting: 19/09/2016
Time: 8.35am
Witness Name: Charlotte Hapted

Witness Statement: I was dropping my daughter off at Vigo Primary school on Vigo Road. We were stood waiting for the school doors to open when we noticed them flying over the school roof and off into the distance.They were two black disc shapes rotating on an axis and floating overhead within meters of each other. They were moving slowly and silently. They didn’t appear to have blades or wires so we don’t think they were drones. They were matt black with no lights, although as it was daytime i guess they wouldn’t need lights on. We were so transfixed and in shock that we didn’t get to take a picture or video. I think they were as high as you’d see a helicopter but I couldn’t tell how big they were.


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