Ancient Wisdom Unfolded : This is How You Can Unlock Your Telepathy Capabilities


    One of the most powerful psychic abilities, telepathy is the phenomena by which individuals are able to communicate mind-to-mind. This communication between minds can include thoughts, ideas, feelings, mental images and sensations.

    Those who possess the ability for this mind-to-mind communication are known as a telepath. Prior to fully acknowledging their telepathic abilities, they may see early signs such as finding that they can sense what someone is thinking simply by looking at them, or understand how someone is feeling before they speak.

    While there was a time that scientists dismissed the concept of psychic abilities, currently experts like biologist Robert Sheldrake are uncovering new and exciting information to support the existence of telepathy. They continue to pursue more information to better understand telepathy and other psychic gifts.

    The Three Types of Telepathy

    1. Instinctual or Feeling Based Telepathy

    This is the most commonly experienced type of telepathy. It relies on the third eye chakra, or the solar plexus chakra. This type of telepathy is often shared between family members, close friends, and even members of the animal kingdom. Instinctual telepathy I the registering of the needs or feelings of another being (or animal) from a distance. It is often found to occur between people who have a tight, emotional bond.

    1. Mental or Mind-to-Mind Telepathy

    Believed to be the truest form of telepathy, mental telepathy involves the active transference of a message between two conscious minds. This form of telepathy is effective regardless of distance, allowing individuals to communicate messages across the room, or even to another country. Mental telepathy uses the crown chakra, the center for telepathic communication.

    1. Spiritual or Soul-to-Soul Telepathy

    The highest form of telepathy, spiritual telepathy is similar to channeling or mediumship. This is the most difficult of the three types of telepathy, and requires the alignment of all chakras. Spiritual telepathy requires the telepath to create a link between mind, body and soul in order to be effective, allowing one soul to send a message to another soul. It does not require both parties to be conscious of the communication, the message can be received either consciously or unconsciously.

    How Do You Unlock Your Telepathic Abilities?

    Meditation, crystals and creative visualizations are the keys to unlocking your gifts. The use of crystals has been long recognized to send telepathic messages, allowing you to better connect utilize your skills. The most common crystals used for telepathic communication are apophyllite, blue lazulite, Herkimer diamonds, angelite, blue calcite and kyanite, however it is important to remember that each crystal will work with your vibrations differently. Allow yourself to trust your intuition when selecting a crystal.

    Meditation and Visualization

    These steps will help you to focus your inner abilities through the use of meditation and visualization exercises. If you are looking to develop your abilities to communicate with a specific person, follow these steps together. During the meditation allow yourselves to experiment with sending messages to one another.

    1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take 10 deep breaths in and out.
    2. When you feel ready to begin, visualize your body within your mind. Starting with your feet, and traveling up through the body, visualize each chakra individuals as being free and clear. See your body as being aligned with a white light.
    3. When you reach the top of your head, freeing your entire body, continue to visualize the white light reaching up from your head and into the heavens.
    4. Mediate on this image, visualizing the light continuing to shine upon you, for about 10-15 minutes. Allow any thoughts or messages to be received. You may also choose to receive a mantra, such as “I am open to receiving the messages of my soul.”
    5. As you become more comfortable with the meditation, and move to a more advanced technique, you can begin to reach out to specific souls for messages or guidance. At this time you can reach out to your angel or spirit guide to see if they have any information for you.
    6. As you come out of the meditation, take the time to give thanks to those beings that you did encounter. You want to safe guard the light, visualizing a ‘safety mesh’ appearing atop your head where the light was previously open.

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