American Soldiers Gang Rape Iraqi Girl, Murder Her Family & Then Set Her On Fire


Terrorism comes in many forms, for Abeer al-Janabi, pictured above, terrorism’s face was American.

For weeks and weeks leading to the horrific event, American soldiers from the 502nd Infantry Regiment consisting of Paul E. Cortez, James P. Barker, Jesse V. Spielman, Brian L. Howard, and Steven D. Green, were stalking the young girl.

Reportedly a beautiful pure spirited child, young Abeer stayed home and tended to the family’s garden as they were too afraid to let her leave the house during the war.

The Americans would watch Abeer from a near by check point, and neighbors became aware of this. The neighbors decided to warn
Abeer’s father of this, as they had heard about horrible crimes committed by American soldiers, but he replied she was just a small girl and it wouldn’t be a problem.

Clearly it was not even within his comprehension what these psychopaths were capable of doing.

The Killing of Innocence

On March 12, 2006, the soldiers planned how they would attack and rape young Abeer. Of the five in the unit, four of them
were directly involved in the despicable attack, while the 5th, Brian L. Howard served as lookout.

Everything took place in broad
daylight, they broke into the house
and forcefully separated Abeer and her family into two different rooms.

Steven D. Green proceeded to brutally murder her parents and younger sister, six-year-old Hadeel Qassim Hamza Al-Janabi, while the other soldiers raped
and tortured young innocent Abeer.

According to testimony, Green then emerged from the room saying “I just killed them, all
are dead” went on to rape the already broken body of the little girl. Once they were all done raping the poor girl, they shot her in the head. Then they set the little girl on fire and attempted to burn the house down.

The Aftermath

In the immediate aftermath, as part of their plan, they claimed that the decimation of the innocent family was the work of Sunni terrorists. It was only a few months later on June 22, 2006, that these disgusting unforgivable crimes came to light, when it was confessed during a psychological health counseling session.

The soldiers responsible for these sickening crimes were sent to prison for life. But this is not an isolated incident, there have been scores of rapes and murders committed by American soldiers overseas, but no one knows about it because Hollywood is as controlled as the mainstream media.

Nothing can ever undo what was done to this family. Nothing can bring them back to life. And it should also be mentioned that the little girl had two brother who were at school at the time. What do you think they are gonna wanna do when they get older and see an American soldier?

This is the real face of war. It turns people into monsters. And for what? To fight some phony war on terrorism that is actually just about spreading the super rich’s empire across the globe??

Stop watching the crap you see on the news and in the movie theaters and listen to actual soldier testimony in the video below about what really goes on in these disgusting wars;

The Guardian

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