Altered USGS data…Unreliable volcano data, NOAA Global warming manipulation…The Smithsonian Institution destroying evidence of giants…9/11, on and on and on


    This week I
    discovered the United States Geological Survey (USGS) altered historic data on
    their website since 2014 and immediately came under pressure from a friend and a family
    member not to release the information however, I decided to go public, not
    because I am conspiracy theorist or someone who wants to throw mud at a free
    public service but because what I discovered is fact and more people like me are
    beginning to realise and find proof our government agencies as much as we want
    to believe otherwise hold back or distort the truth and it is happening on an
    industrial scale by the very people who cry out against fake news.

    It is a
    well-known fact that the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have gone on
    record as saying major quakes are not increasing, they have stated, and that no
    such increase has been detected around the world.
    Because this
    topic is so often debated USGS issued a press release claiming major quake
    increases are not occurring.
    surprised me, because in 2014, I downloaded every quake from mag 6 upwards,
    from 1900 to the end of the year 2013 and placed all the data on a graph.
    The graph
    was stunning and frightening; mag 6+ earthquakes had increased from 1900 to
    2014 by an astonishing 400%.
    Because of
    the press statement I went back to USGS this week and did the exact search, I
    checked and downloaded ever mag 6+ quakes from 1900 to 2016 this time.
    I couldn’t
    believe the data, since 2014 when I did my original search, an astonishing 1,817
    mag 6+ quakes have been added from 1950 to the year 2,000 which distorted the
    original graph I made in 2014 which showed major quakes rising at an alarming
    rate into a stable graph showing hardly no rise in major quakes from 1950 to 2017.
    Why should
    we be surprised, it’s not the first time we have received false information
    from government sources is it?

    The Smithsonian Institution involved in giant cover up, pardon the pun!

    Smithsonian Institution, established in 1846 “for the increase and
    diffusion of knowledge,” is a group of museums and research centres
    administered by the Government of the United States, they are the people who
    issue data on volcanic eruptions around the world, guess what, volcano
    eruptions have been increasing at the same alarming rate since 1900 as the
    major quakes and surprise, since the year 2000 to 2016 volcano activity has
    suddenly become rather more stable! Hmmm.
    There where
    giants in the Earth in them days, then suddenly they weren’t!
    Smithsonian Institution is renowned for hiding historical information from the
    (Humans Are
    Free) A US Supreme Court ruling forced the Smithsonian institution to release
    classified papers dating from the early 1900′s that proves the organization was
    involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants, human
    remains in the tens of thousands had been uncovered all across America and were
    ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators to protect the mainstream
    chronology of human evolution at the time.
    You see,
    giants don’t fit into their cosy “evolution of the species theory.”
    NOAA Global
    warming manipulating
    Milestone! 50% Fake Data Jolly Hockey Sticks
    Posted on
    April 5, 2017 by tony Heller
    NOAA has a
    network of 1200 temperature stations around the US, known as USHCN (United
    States Historical Climatology Network) 
    The measured temperature data shows that US temperatures peaked in the
    1930s, and have generally declined since then. But NOAA does not report the
    measured data to the public, rather they report fake “adjusted” data which
    shows a lot of warming.

    NASA: Never A Straight Answer

    And of
    course we have NASA, America’s space agency for the people, who have been embroiled
    in cover ups with everything from aliens to photo shopping and air brushing
    evidence and information from public photos.

    MSN and fake news!
    Our main
    stream media, you know, the ones crying “fake news” during the Trump Clinton
    Campaign showed such a leaning to socialism and left wing values it was
    sickening and I mean from  supposedly neutral observers as the “BBC” and MSNBC.
    Or the fact
    that CNN lied to the whole world during the Gulf war that their intrepid
    journalists where under fire while reporting the news when in fact they were
    safely in the news studio back home in the U.S.

    9/11 Scientific
    Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story

    Only 16%
    now believe official fable according to New York Times/CBS News poll

    And who can
    blame them, when for example the BBC reported live, that building 7 had collapsed
    20 minutes before it actually had and a few office fires made it collapse like
    a pack of cards.

    We are
    being lied to on an industrial scale by the very people we trust to inform us
    with the truth, sadly, it’s a sign of the times.

    Look at the sincerity and concern on here face as the building she is reporting as collapsed is still all present and correct, standing proudly behind her patronising and over dramatic display.


    We all know this will be the biggest man-made disaster of all time, why am I calling it a man-made disaster when an earthquake struck the nuclear plant? Because once again the powers that be decided to build a nuclear plant on a major fault line by the sea…Which is madness!

    Six years and 50,000 trillion Becquerel’s of radiation leaked along with 300 tons of radioactive water leaking daily into the Pacific later and no known technology on the planet to fix it, TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Company however, is trying to play down the full impact of this nuclear accident, it’s all under control they say, that is an amazingly brazen lie to the world, not only will the Fukushima plant destroy Japan’s north island but the Pacific as well because the whole thing is sinking into the ground and no one knows what to do or how to stop it!

    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like but let me ask you this, how can we believe anyone anymore, governments, news outlets, government run websites, scientists, or experts when they are all being funded by corrupt financiers all wanting to promote their own agenda, whether it involves our own western governments receiving oil
    favours from one of the cruellest regimes in the world, namely Saudi Arabia and
    turning a blind eye to the war crimes they are committing in the Yemen but aggressively
    rebuking Syria and Russia for the same crimes in Damascus, how many innocent women and
    children were killed by drones sent by the so called passive Barak Obama? I don’t know the true figure but around 5,000 people were killed by drones during Obama’s regime hundreds of them were women and children.

    How can we
    believe the MSM when they are pushing their own agenda’s?
    Or an
    expert, or scientist when they are being funded with government money and
    expected to bat for the home side?
    I guess the
    biggest lie of all is the people who sit at home watching their TV’s and soak
    in all the false information like a sponge and never ever questioning what they
    are being fed; they are the real conspiracy theorists because they conspire to
    keep the rest of us dumbed down.

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