Aliens and Rhinoplasty – A Different Perspective


As per the inclusion of the photo evidence of Jimmy Durante’s prominent nose, should we surmise, theoretically, that some such alien cousins may, as in the Hill case, upon touch-down to earth, utter the inimitable phraseology of “hot cha cha cha!” with an expressive grin? 8^}

Long noses, slit noses, reptilians, blonde Nordics, even Bigfoot-like creatures. I tell ya, everyone wants to get in the act!

Wind Swords

I am astonished that anyone remembers all this from the 1950s… good for you. It’s nice to see that a few have a fondness for nostalgia.

Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

“I am astonished that anyone remembers all this from the 1950s…”

I was not born until very late 1959 – just 2 weeks away from 1960. But I like the 50’s and shows from that era. So for me it’s not memory of the first run but memories of re-runs!

Wind Swords

I would think it was the cover of “Communion”, which went to the top of the New York Times bestseller list in the late 1980s, that had the most widespread cultural influence and led directly to the embracing of the big-eyed, noseless, gray alien meme in the US. The book about the Hills’ experience (whatever it might truly have been), was 20 years prior and while popular, wasn’t widely influential nor did it spawn an alien abduction craze. We can lay that at the feet of Strieber and, shortly thereafter, The X-Files, which picked up that ball and ran it downfield.

To me it seems the Hills and Strieber are two distinct phenomena, with Strieber borrowing heavily from and greatly embellishing the Hills’ story to make it his own. Yes, one is dependent on the other, but in this case, the child is more influential the father. Hence, the noseless alien meme.

What did the aliens look like in the 1975 movie “UFO INCIDENT” based on the Hill case? It seems the typical gray was already around long before Strieber.

While I agree that Betty Hill’s description of the aliens may have changed after the initial report, the 1975 theatrical depiction of the Hill case titled “The UFO Incident” starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons depicts the abductors as grey skinned, large eyed beings without noses. Also, the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind(1975) as well as the book titled the Andreasson Affair (1979) by Raymond Fowler depicts aliens with grey skin, large eyes, and without a nose.

Furthermore, Bud Hopkins’ book Missing Time describes abduction cases involving such entities; in fact the entire book builds it’s case around the eerie similarity of these beings(grey skin, large black eyes, small or nonexistent noses) as described by alleged abductees. Several of the beings that abducted Travis Walton are also depicted as typical greys – I’m not sure when Mike Rogers drew the particular illustration in question, but it’s shown the 1985 HBO documentary titles “UFO’s: What’s Going On?”

I could go on; I just want to make the point that the image of the greys has been around since 1975, and was firmly entrenched in UFO lore years before Whitley Strieber’s Communion was published in 1987. When that book was published, I had already been following the subject for several years, and my first reaction upon seeing the being on the cover was “Hmm…beige colored skin…that’s original”.

A correction to my previous post: Close Encounters of the Third Kind was released in 1977, not 1975.

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