According to a Recent Study, Those Who Swear More Are Unapologetically Honest


    Have you ever considered whether or not swearing was a real problem? While lots of people consider it to be an undesirable trait, it seems those who swear more often may be the ones we need around.

    Several studies have actually proven that those who swear a lot are more honest than those who don’t. A large-scale study that was published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science actually compared curse words to language that typically accompanies truth-telling. For this, they studied 74,000 Facebook users and noticed those who don’t swear tend to lie more.

    This research came from researchers from Maastricht University, Hong Kong University, Stanford, and the University of Cambridge. Co-author on this study David Stilwell from the University of Cambridge told actually told Daily Mail that the main thing they found was if you filter your language when speaking you are also probably filtering out the things you are saying as well. You are literally less likely to be saying what you want to say and more likely to just stretch things so that you are telling other people what you think they want to hear.

    He says:

    “Someone who does not filter their language, so swears, is more likely to be saying what they think to be true so are being more honest and genuine from their perspective.”

    Stilwell also surveyed 267 people on why they choose to swear and most said that it was so they could express their true selves and be honest. He measured these people’s average profanity scores against what is known as the integrity index for each state and found that there is for sure a relationship between profanity and honesty. While some did say there was negative emotion behind some of it they were for the most part simply being themselves and being honest. So, while I am not saying you should swear more, I am definitely not going to tell you to censor yourself.

    If you curse like a sailor, so be it. Be yourself and be honest, if you don’t want to change the way you speak, don’t. How do you feel about these findings and do you think they are accurate?


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