According to a Recent Study, Teenagers Are Avoiding Booze, Sex and Driving Like Never Before


    For most of the time, everyone has always perceived the teenage years to be dangerous because teenagers are so reckless. However, a new study shows that today’s teens are actually avoiding the rebellious lifestyle.

    There are a lot of bad things about modern day society, and us media folks tend to have a habit of reporting on the negative sides a bit too much. While there is a variety of different issues with society today, there are actually some surprisingly good things about it too! While most people view teenagers as reckless and rebellious, a new study suggests that today’s teens are less rambunctious than the typical teenager.

    Parents always dread the teenage years and it’s understandable. The teenage years are where we ultimately discover ourselves and it can also be kind of a make it or break it phase of life. Parents tend to dread the teenage years because they are concerned for their kid’s safety. People worry about teenagers getting drunk and driving, getting addicted to drugs, or end up becoming a parent before they’re ready. However, a recent study conducted by psychologists Jean Twenge and Heejung Park found that teenagers these days prefer to sit at home, say no to drugs and alcohol, and scroll through social media instead of partying! This an awesome sign for the future of our generation.

    The study was published in the journal Child Development. It analyzed survey responses from over 8.5 million teenagers given between 1976 and 2016. Today’s teens were found to be less likely to drive, work for pay, go on dates, have sex, or even go out without their parents! “This isn’t just about parenting,” Twenge told Business Insider. “It’s also about teens themselves and the economy and fertility rates and people living longer.”

    While the studies conclusions are based on personal survey responses it might not apply to all of the generation Z.

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