A Set of Mysterious Weapons Made of Crystal Has Been Unearthed in Spain’s Megalithic Tombs


    During an expedition that took place in the megalithic tombs in southwestern Spain, a set of crystal weapons were found. Archaeologists discovered the remarkable weapons while digging at the site found in Valencina se la Concepcion.

    Included in the find were crystal arrowheads, an exquisite dagger blade and cores used to create the artifacts. According to researchers, the Monterlirio tholos that was excavated between 2007-2010, the site is a “a great megalithic construction…which extends over 43.75 m in total.” The tomb was constructed out of large slabs of slate. Twenty-five individuals were buried within the tomb, along with “an extraordinary set of sumptuous grave goods…the most notable of which is an unspecified number of shrouds or clothes made of tens of thousands of perforated beads and decorated with amber beads.”

    However, one of the most amazing discoveries the archaeologists found were the arrowheads that have the same characteristically long appendices depicted in flint arrowheads that belong to the area. The researchers who made the discovery stated that “even greater skill must have been required to produce these unique features when using rock crystal.”

    A young male that was between 17-25 was also found in the foetal position lying with a massive set of “grave goods.” Included in the goods was an undecorated elephant tusk that was over the man’s head, a set of 23 flint blades, and numerous ivory objects. The man was sprayed with red pigment that came from cinnabar.

    The “remarkable crystal dagger blade” was not included in those goods, instead they were found in the upper level of this chamber. Researchers believe that the motive behind the creation of such unique weapons to be specific. The objects were found throughout the digging site.

    While such crystal implements have been found frequently throughout the burials of the 4th and 3rd millennia BCE, they disappeared from later burials in the Early Bronze Age, which began at the beginning of the 2nd millennium BCE. According to researchers, the “the use of this raw material as grave goods” was almost entirely abandoned. Unfortunately, the researchers remain puzzled regarding the reason for such weaponry.

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