A Narcissist’s Damage: They Poison Your Mind, Your Heart, Your Soul and Your Life


    Throughout our lives, we come in contact with many types of people. However, not all of those people will be good for you, or for those around you. For you see, some people are just flat-out toxic.

    Narcissists belong in that very category of people. If you have ever endured the presence of one, then you already understand how abusive their behaviors can be. Oftentimes, they can be guilty of domestic violence, verbal abuse, and psychological torture. Their victims are left confused and wondering how to pick up the pieces, as the narcissist moves on to their next victim.

    Sadly, before moving on for good, the narcissist will reel the victim back in for more torture, similar to how a cat baits their prey and then playfully bats them from paw to paw.

    The person will be left perpetually confused, due to gaslighting, which is a manipulative technique in which the narcissist makes their victim doubt their own memory. However, the narcissist won’t stop there. For you see, they love the mind games, and they have a Mary Poppins bag full of games to keep them busy for quite some time. You may find that at first, they build you up, however, they will slowly but surely start training you to accept their abuse.

    As they build you up, they will finally reach a point in which they feel comfortable enough to be themselves, because, in their mind, they have already won you over. Then, the abuse starts. But, they may cycle back to gaslighting, or bed for your apology afterward.

    Sometimes, they may even appeal to your heart and tell you they abuse you because of how they were raised. They had a hard life you know.

    Now, you are left holding the bag, wondering, should I give them a second chance? And you may even give them that second chance, but beware. Once they have gotten comfortable with you again, the vicious cycle is likely to begin once more.

    The only way to get away is to leave. And not only leave but have a support system of friends and family to protect you and ensure that you make no contact. Because no contact is necessary. Otherwise, the narcissist may throw their line back in the proverbial pond, and reel you right back in. And then you are back to square one.

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