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This picture of a royal ceremonial “mask” (tukah) was
presented in the January/February 2017 issue of Biblical Archaeology
(Page 64).

It was said to be carved for a king of the Bamendou
chieftaincy in the West Cameroon (Central Africa) in the first half of the 19th

To large and too heavy to have been worn, it was
carried at the front of a parade, the only time the public saw it. At all other
times, [it] was kept in a box guarded by the high council.” [Italics mine]

What doe this have to do with UFOs you ask?

I’m thinking that scholars have missed the mark in
interpreting what the artifact is.

I think it’s a carving of a torso, kneeling, with a
prominent display of the genitalia:

The “stomach” area is not a “prominent forehead” nor are
those “almond-shaped eyes” but, rather, testes on either side of the phallus.

The chest area (carved lizards) symbolizes the content of
the person, his heart (soul?).

Now, my Freudian predilections may be at work here, but my
conjecture goes to the heart of how UFO researchers (ufologists) must be
careful in interpreting what witnesses say they see in UFO sightings and,
especially, alleged encounters with creatures or beings.

It’s all a matter of what’s in the mind of the perceiver,
where neurological biases may prevail.


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