A Group of Scientists Says We Have Three Years to Save The Planet From Irreversible Destruction


    Climate change has had lots of effects on us in current times whether we ignore them or not these issues are still here. While people across the globe are becoming more aware of this there are still some who refuse to accept this as a real threat.

    In a new open letter, six well-known scientists have written that we only have about three years left to make a change before the effects of climate change reach their highest peak. This letter was published on June 28th and urges government officials, scientists, and citizens to address these greenhouse-gas emissions now before it is too late. They claim that if these emissions can be lowered permanently before the year 2020 gets here global temperatures will not reach the irreversible threshold.

    If we do nothing the impacts of this will cause unpredictable weather shifts, bring about floods from rapidly rising sea levels, and fast paced deforestation. To avoid this these six scientists suggest that we do the following.

    • Increase renewable energy to at least 30 percent of electricity use.
    • Ensure at least 15 percent of all new vehicles sold are electric.
    • Cut net emissions from deforestation.
    • Draft plans for cities and states to get rid of fossil fuel energy before 2050 with a $300 billion annual US fund.
    • Encourage the financial sector to create more green bonds toward climate mitigation efforts.
    • Publish plans to halve emissions from deforestation well before 2050.

    As climate change is not on the Trump administration’s agenda this letter’s goals seem a bit far off. Back in early June, President Trump announced that the US would be withdrawing from the Paris Agreement that sets a national guideline for curbing greenhouse-gas emissions. The authors of this letter call for everyone who can to fight these emissions and work as hard as they can to meet the Paris Accord goals. Doing so even without the help of the US government if need be.

    In a press release, they stated that:

    “This monumental challenge coincides with an unprecedented openness to self-challenge on the part of sub-national governments inside the US, governments at all levels outside the US, and of the private sector in general. The opportunity given to us over the next three years is unique in history.”

    “The climate math is brutally clear: While the world can’t be healed within the next few years, it may be fatally wounded by negligence until 2020,”

    Whether these goals will be met or not is a mystery at the moment. It is something we could easily accomplish with everyone onboard but as you know money is the only thing people care about and without it, people are not easily swayed. Globally the mean rate of sea level rise has increased fifty percent in the last two decades, it is only going to continue doing so unless we resolve this issue. With temperatures rising and we are wasting time.

    To read the whole letter for yourself, please click here. Climate change is a very real and serious issue, it should be treated as so. How do you feel about this?

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