8 Ways a Controlling Partner Disguises Their True Intentions

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    If you accidentally end up with the wrong person it can destroy everything about you one little piece at a time. You have to extremely careful about who you trust with your heart. There are people with some cruel intentions out there, and you need to know what to look for to protect yourself.

    There isn’t many things worse in a relationship than a controlling partner. Many people these days have an odd obsession with controlling their partner instead of flourishing alongside each other. Everyone has this habit of only searching for things that benefit them. There’s more to a relationship than what your partner can do for you, or what you do for them. It’s about growing together and experiencing life with a partner.

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    Relationships are extremely complicated these days because of the constant tug of war we have with one another about who has control over the relationship, who wears the pants, or who calls the shots. It’s ridiculous how we have to constantly rank each other all the time and it’s not what life’s about. You have to be very weary of getting involved with a controlling person. Most of them are very good at flying under the radar and they know just the right buttons to push to get inside your squishy little heart. From there it is all down hill. You just have to know how they disguise themselves.


    Controlling people are very good at flying under the radar, and they have several different tactics of how to control you. They use attention as one of the best disguises to mask their manipulative ways. They’ll feed you compliments and attention just until the point where they leave you wanting more. Then they use it to their own advantage.


    Often as a last resort method, a control obsessed person will also use commitment to  hide their true intentions. They will talk to you about wanting to make things more real, settle down, or make things more serious. This just makes you a permanent target.


    Another tactic used by control freaks to disguise their ways is by using affection against you. They’ll be just the right amount of charismatic to make you weak. They might consistently invade your personal space or force kisses upon you to distract from something else.


    Everyone wants someone, at least one person, with whom they can share a deep passionate bond with. Controllers will use passion and fairy tale love to distract you from the reality. They use this to flatter you and make things feel right between the two of you.

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    They use nourishment to control us by deciding when we get to receive it. They give you and the relationship just enough nourishment to keep it breathing, but leave it thirsty the majority of the time. When you finally take a stand they will pour in nourishment for x amount of time – just until you’re comfortable again.


    A manipulative and controlling person will use many different tactics to maintain control. One of which is especially guilt. Manipulative people are the best at giving a good guilt trip. As soon as you stand up for yourself you are automatically transformed into the bad guy. Somehow you’ll even end up apologizing. It’s insane how well they can do this.


    A lot of the time a controlling person will use sex to escape a corner they’ve put themselves in. If you finally caught them in a corner where they are unable to play the victim they might automatically distract you by intimacy. Don’t let them seduce you, it’s a trick.


    When they are unable to play the victim they might bring up the past for ‘old times sake’. This is a mere distraction method. They do this to make you think of the good things to distract you from the obviously bad things.

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