8 Useful Psychology Tricks That You Need to Know For a Better Life


    The internet is loaded with information, and while much of that could be considered useful, much of it could be considered equally useless. With that being said, there are also a number of psychological and sociological truths that not only make sense but once you hear them you may realize you knew them the whole time.

    1. Do you want to know if someone likes you?

    Each time that the person uses a word, or a synonym of that word, nod, and smile. If the person likes you, they will start using that word all the time. 

    2. If you want people to agree with you, try this.

    When you are speaking to the person, maintain eye contact and nod. The ‘nod’ means ‘everything I am saying is true.’ Also, people tend to follow social behavioral patterns, and will probably nod along with you.

    3. Is that person staring at me?

    If you would like to find out if someone is staring at you, yawn. Then, look there way. If the person yawns too, they are watching you, because yawning is contagious. 

    4. Get rid of a song that is stuck in your head.

    According to the Zeigarnik effect, our brains remember things that are unfinished. Because of that, if you try to sing the end of the song in your head, it should go away.

    5. Need help carrying something?

    While maintaining a conversation, hand over whatever you need to carry. Most people won’t even notice you handing over the object and will gladly carry it for you.

    6. Do you want your kids to eat broccoli?

    Instead of asking them if they would like broccoli, ask them how much broccoli they would like: 2 or 3 stalks? Making the choice to eat broccoli for them takes away their ability to say no while allowing them to choose how much makes the offer more appealing. Try this with other things as well.

    7. Want to know who likes who in a group of people?

    Make a joke that is laughter inducing, and then glance around the group. People will immediately glance at the person in the group they feel closest to as they laugh.

    8. Want to ace an interview?

    People tend to remember the beginning and end of an event. Because of that, try to start and end the interview strongest. The middle will most likely be a blur, so during that time, if you don’t do so swell, you should still do well overall.

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