8 Things You Need To Do In Order to Achieve Your Ultimate Reality

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    In life, you have to make your own path and rules that you go by. You have to set up the destination and get yourself there, and because of this you have to be creative with the way you spend your life.

    Life is a wonderful thing, but we are wasting it by stressing ourselves out over silly things. Life today moves very fast and stops for nobody. That’s why you have to be able to go with the flow of things and accept the things you cannot change and move on. Life is an interesting game and you can even hack the game system to put a light on your own path. You can essentially hack life by using the true powers of your brain and perception. Perception is your entire reality, and if you have a bad outlook on life you’ll have a bad life!

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    You can use the following tools to use creativity to make your life much more enjoyable. You have to shape your entire perception as a whole and enjoy the things you’ve been taking for granted. You can do it, you just need a little revitalization. You can use the following hacks to essentially make life a little less sucky.  

    1. Alchemize then Actualize

    Alchemy denotes a transformation. To be courageous in the face of fear we are practicing emotional alchemy. You can use this to transform your perception of things. Remind yourself of the things you need to change, and be more mindful of them. Accept the things you have no control over. Fake it until you make, honestly!

    2. Use Struggles As Lessons

    People these days have a very bad habit of being ashamed of their past mistakes. There is nothing wrong with messing up from time to time, or over and over again. We all make mistakes and nobody is perfect. You have to use your struggles as a learning experience. You dealt with something difficult and then overcame it. That’s an amazing thing! Don’t be ashamed of that and always carry the knowledge you learn from them with you.

    3. Be Yourself

    When you hear that you automatically think of your mom talking to you before your first day of school. I know it is a little cliche, but it’s very important! Don’t try to be anything or anyone else. You’re the best version of yourself there is, so freaking own it! Don’t let any external force of life change who you truly are.

    4. Act Brave, Be Brave

    When you are able to portray a face of bravery when you are scared senseless it enables you to have the upper hand. Situations will keep going your way as long as you press for what you believe in and be courageous.

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    5. Positive Self-Talk

    You can use positive self-talk in a ton of different scenarios throughout your everyday life. Positive self-talking is great for you. When you start to acknowledge the truly great things about yourself you will soon realize your true amazingness! This can revitalize your self-perception and change your life! Remind yourself throughout every day of the positive things about yourself. If you catch yourself negative self-talking, force yourself to recite five great things about yourself. It forms a great habit.

    6. Accept  the Things You Can’t Change

    If you spend your life obsessing over the things you have no control over you will never experience any kind of satisfaction. It can ruin your life. Stop trying to control everything in your life and go with the flow of the universe. What is meant to happen will happen, and no matter what, you’ll be okay. I promise!

    7. Don’t Follow The Others

    If everybody is constantly obsessed with following the crowd it takes away from the uniqueness of each individual. Eventually you will start to become someone else. You see, there is nothing to achieve from following the crowd. There are so many other ways to spend your life. Don’t spend it trying to be like someone else.

    8. Be Happy!

    No matter what kind of external force in your life has you feeling down know the difference between grieving over a loss and letting a loss bring you down. Your perception is your entire reality. If you believe that you’re happy, you’ll be happy! That’s all it takes!

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