8 Stories You Missed While the CIA Tried to Convince You that Russia Hacked the Election


    The media has once again created a three-ring circus spectacle out of CIA claims that held no substantial basis, while the American public was kept in the dark regarding actual news. Various actual news stories were left unreported or downright ignored by the general republic due to claims that Russia had hacked the U.S election.

    While this media circus went on, many of us missed a massive amount of real information that you may want a run-down on. Thankfully, we have comiled a short list of them here, for you to catch up.

    1. 2,300 U.S Troops are Headed to Afghanistan

    President Obama has initiated a force of over 2,300 U.S troops to be sent to Afghanistan in order to prevent a “resurgence” of the Taliban. According to reports, the troops will be used as an addition to operation Freedom’s Sentinel to “advise and assist” the Afghan security services in the continued fight against the Taliban.

    The war in Afghanistan has now waged on for sixteen years, despite the claims of the American government which state the war effort is “officially” over. During these sixteen years, the U.S military has accomplished little, other than racking up a massive foreign policy budget. Just a few years ago, Obama supposedly “removed the remaining troops” however, it would seem evident now that this claim was a farce.

    2. Georgia Proved that the DHS was Responsible for Hack into their Voting System

    During the last few weeks, Georgia traced hacks that took place during voter registration, primary elections, and even during the U.S presidential election, back to the DHS. When they questioned the incident, the DHS provided various stories, however, none of them actually coincided with one another. Georgia Secretary of State has continued in his efforts to fight for the citizens of his state, and to find out the exact intentions of the Obama administration’s DHS.

    3. China Seized a U.S Navy Underwater Drone

    A group of U.S Navy officials moved to obtain underwater observatory
    drones after data had been collected by the vehicles pertaining to ocean measurements, and in doing so discovered that a Chinese warship had stolen the vehicle. When the officials called over radio for the return of the drone, the Chinese group acknowledged their request, however, they did not return the drone. The pentagon has issued a demand for the return of the vehicle, and American is currently awaiting its return.

    Of course, the majority of American citizens are so distracted by the election debate, and supposed Russian hacking, that many were left in the dark regarding this incident. A possible act of war barely received any true media coverage, while an ongoing, and unsubstantiated claim has remained in the media limelight.

    4. Sweden Urges Villages and Towns to Prepare for War

    Swedish towns and villages have received formal requests to begin preparations for war with Russia. Included in this list of preparations was to ensure that emergency alert systems were in-tact, to move operations centers underground into bunkers, and to cooperate with the Swedish military in any way necessary.

    Unfortunately, city officials were not provided with details on how exactly to tackle these tasks financially. Sweden’s sudden warning of the possibility of war with Russia came as a major surprise to everyone, including the townships that have been requested to prepare.

    5. Monsanto Merges with Bayer

    In a $66 million dollar deal, Monsanto approved the proposed merger with medicine conglomerate Bayer. Many speculate that the companies will now move forward with their interests in taking over the marijuana industry due to subsidiary companies of Monsanto already indicating interests in this particular endeavor. One subsidiary in particular, Miracle-Gro, has began the process of beginning the corporate take over. Now, with the two major superpowers combined as one company, many reports indicate that their corporate takeover of the cannabis industry will become first priority.

    6. U.S Halts the Sales of Various Arms to Saudi Arabia

    Due to the Saudi Arabian coalition against Yemen, the United States has finally took the plunge and decided to limit their support of the nation. The conflict between the two nations, or rather, the Saudi assault on Yemen has brought nothing about aside from extensive civilian casualties in Yemen, as well as a massive famine. While the U.S has sold weapons to the Saudis for years during the conflict, due to “humanitarian concerns” which have surrounded the conflict for decades, the American government has finally decided to respond by “limiting” aid to the Saudis. K

    7. Aleppo is Not the Only Syrian City in a State of Crisis, as an Operation to Liberate Raqqa is Now in Effect

    The operation will become the second major offensive against the Daesh this year. During the last, Iraqi troops showed support to the Kurdish Peshmerga unites and U.S led coalition airstrikes to retake Mosul, the main Daesh stronghold in Iraq. According to the SDF, who is leading the operation, their intentions are to liberate Raqqa from the Daesh as soon as possible.

    8. 450 Children have Been Saved From Boko Haram, in Nigeria

    A total of 600 people were rescued from the Boko Haram extremists, including 180 adult females, 69 adult males, 227 male children, and 229 female children. The group that was responsible for holding the people against their will have been attacking the Northeastern areas of Nigeria since 2009. Their allegiance is to the Daesh terrorist organization. Thankfully while rescuing the people from this horrendous group, over a Boko Haram fighters were eliminated in the operation.

    These various stories impact our world in a major way, yet unfortunately, many people are completely unaware of the events due to the massive controversy surrounding alleged claims of the Russian government hacking the election. While this was taking place, it was even reported that the U.S Department of Homeland Security was actually to blame for the hacking, however, it the reports have barely received any media coverage at all. Of course, we couldn’t expect anything less from the U.S mainstream media.

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