8 Signs You Are Living A Successful Life, Even If You Don’t Think You Are


    Every individual human is different from everyone else. There are no two people the same, however, we all aspire to achieve one thing in life: Success.

    Many people have many different definitions and ideas of what a successful life is. Most people these days visualize success as wealth. They believe that without having all the money they will never be successful. Most people take way too much pride in materialistic objects these days, but others have a more realistic view of what success is. To me, success is having people you love around you and not having to stress about worldly issues. To simply be content with life is success to me, and many other people believe the same. No matter what you believe is success, simply having ambitions in life shows that you are a persevering person – and that’s what truly counts!

    One author has studied what a successful life is for quite some time now. Travis Bradberry states, “Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with. In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.”

    You shouldn’t be visualizing success as a status of wealth. Living a successful life is much more than having all the objects you want; it’s having people to love, that love you, and to share memories with. All in all, people who have ambitions are already living a successful life. You probably are too, you just don’t realize it! These are 8 signs that you are living a successful life!

    1. You Have Ambitions

    People who have ambitions are already successful people. You should never give up on what you truly want out of life. Never give up on your dreams and keep persevering to get to where you want. People who continue working on their dreams are considered to be successful already.

    2. You’re Alive

    One of the most successful things we can have in life is a healthy body. If you are alive and healthy you are already doing fantastic. Take advantage of life and youthfulness.

    3. You’re Always Improving

    Life is always throwing us obstacles. It seems almost as soon as we overcome one mountain we are on our way up another. However, successful people don’t let this get in their way. They are always moving on and bettering themselves. Even through the hard times, they are gaining strength and learning.

    4. You Have People That Love You

    Aside from success, most people are aspiring to achieve love in their life. If you already have people that love you, most of the population already view you as one of the richest in the world. Anyone can make money but not everyone can maintain positive relationships.

    5. You’re Forgiving

    Forgiveness is essential to your personal happiness. Many people have the idea these days that forgiveness is for the one who wronged you, but it’s not. Forgiveness only benefits you. Successful people are able to forgive the ones who wronged them and move on in their life to be happy.

    6. You Have a Home

    One thing the western society certainly takes for granted is a home to go home too. A good portion of the world has to worry about where they’ll be sleeping tonight, so if you don’t consider yourself lucky – and successful.

    7. You Have Clothes to Wear

    Just like a home, most of the world struggles with finding new clothes to wear. If you have a dresser and a closet full of clothes you’re considered pretty successful.

    8. You Can Be Yourself

    You can never be successful if you can’t be your true self. If you are successfully broadcasting a false persona to please other people you will never be happy. To be successful you must first be happy being yourself.


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