8 Animals That Have Come Back From the Dead!


    Here on Earth there is an abundance of life. When I say that you might think I’m referring to the 7 billion humans, but that’s not all! There is an expansive variety of creatures you’ve never even heard of before – and some are even back from the dead.

    The Earth is full of life that we are not aware of. Some species on this gigantic watery planet have yet to even be discovered! The sea goes beyond anything we’ve ever seen before, and we too often get lost in the modern day society to realize all the life that inhabit this planet along with us. Even more so, we forget the animals and creatures that were here before us.

    Scientists and researchers have discovered all sorts of different fossils and evidence proving there was prehistoric life here on Earth. We are well aware of the variety of dinosaurs that used to roam, but we scarcely think of the little guys. Think about all the weird and small creepy crawlies that we were never able to discover. There’s been a variety of life go extinct here on Earth, and some of them have even come back from the dead!

    1. Painted Frog

    This amphibian belongs to the family of harlequin frogs. Scientifically known as Atelopus ebenoides marinkellei, it can be found in a remote region of Colombia. Biologists last recorded them living in 1995 until they were rediscovered in 2006.

    2. Mountain Possum

    This is a rather cute and furry fellow, and I’d really like to cuddle him. However, the mountain pygmy possum is extremely rare and is scientifically known as Burramys parvus. It can be found in habitats of southeast Australia.

    3. Coelacanths

    Remember when I mentioned the depths of the sea? Well, this odd little guy has been dated all the way back to the Devonian Period – 410 million years ago! They were thought to have extinct over 66 million years ago, but they were rediscovered off the coast of South Africa back in 1938.

    4. South Island Takahe

    Alongside the peacock, this is another extraordinarily colorful bird – and flightless. They inhabit the mountains of South Island in North White Cloud, New Zealand. It was declared extinct in 1893 but was rediscovered by Dr. Geoffrey Orbell in 1948.

    5. Anomalocaridids

    These are more underwater monsters. They were coniferous and lethal predators, and they date all the way back to the Cambrian Period. That’s all the way back 541 Million years ago!

    6. Terror Skink

    If you are afraid of snakes and other reptiles, this is not the creature for you. The terror skink is sometimes called Bocourt’s terrific skin, is a reptilian phoboscincus Bocourti. There are only 250 individuals that get this name and they were thought to be dead forever in 1876 – until they were later rediscovered more than 100 years later in 2003. I wonder what we have yet to discover if this creature could sneak past us for over a hundred years?

    7. Night Parrot

    Zoologists thought this parrot was extinct for over one hundred years also, but it was rediscovered in 2015 when researchers took an Australian expedition. There are multiple different populations throughout Australia and they are far from extinct.

    8. Passenger Pigeon












    Passenger pigeons used to fly in flocks of millions. Some even flying over areas at 300 pigeons per hour, but the mass population posed more problems than it did longevity. The extreme amount of birds caused there to be severe disease, supposedly causing them to die out in 1914. However, over the years many people have claimed to see them, even president Theodore Roosevelt.

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