6 Powerful Images Demonstrate That by Destroying Nature, We Are Destroying Life Itself


    Art and pictures are often used as a means to raise awareness of the acute problems humanity faces today. Creative visual campaigns can really go a long way in helping to raise awareness of pressing social and environmental issues.

    When most people think about conservation, they probably imagine saving an animal, or some other creature, or maybe protecting whatever remains of its habitat. However, we are really missing the big picture. Large swaths of wilderness also need our help. James Watson and his team have compared the extent of Earth’s wilderness areas in 1993 and 2009, documenting almost a 30% loss in South American and a 10% loss globally.

    Similar estimates in the past have focused on deforestation, but the new study looks at the disappearance of a broader range of wild landscapes. “This is the first time that anyone has put a number on the loss,” says Tim Newbold, a conservation biologist at University College London whose own work has shown that wilderness areas contain the world’s most undisturbed biodiversity.

    Now the German Environmental Activists collective Robin Wood has created a series of stunning images called “Destroying Nature is Destroying Life.” This campaign is working to bring such important issues as these to light, these works point to the sad truth that in desecrating some of our planet’s most important habitats, and using up its resources at a much faster rate that they can be replaced.

    It is important to realize that we humans are bringing about our own demise. A recent study concluded that our planet is now entering the sixth mass extinction. It is estimated that due to the human impact on the natural environment, the vertebrate species are now disappearing up to 100 times faster than the normal. If we keep it up we will reach a point where the deadly consequences of our actions will no longer be reversible.

    These powerful images demonstrate that we are the reason for all the problems that plague our planet today.






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