6 INSANE videos of people smoking DMT and describing transcendent experiences


DMT, otherwise known as Dimethyltriptamene,
is one of the most interesting, and profound, so called “drugs” on the planet.

The chemical is actually
naturally created in our brains (believed to be in the pineal gland) and is also found in plants and animals
around the world. In fact, scientists discovered that rats, who also have a pineal gland, have their DMT reserves stored in this center of the brain.

DMT is the molecule responsible for our dreams and research suggests this is the case in wakeful moments of intense “out of this world” experiences.

Now, more and more people are discovering that DMT can actually be smoked which induces what many who have tried it would call a dream like “reality”. In fact, anyone who has smoked a significant amount will tell you that its effects are immediate and you begin to “cross over” to another type of a dimension or world right way. These effects, however, only last a few minutes unless you keep on smoking more and more, but it is so profound that it should be on everyone’s bucket list at one point or another in their lives.

This collection of videos is some of the more entertaining examples
of people’s experiences, but make no mistake about it, it is  something that scientists cannot fully explain and we should approach it with respect and maturity, as a result.

A neuroscientist describes her vivid DMT experience

 Artist Michael Grey talks about how DMT changed his life

Have you had an experience with DMT? Has it been unique? If so you should consider sharing it with others. People are eager to learn more.

Source: Minds

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