4 Secrets That A Narcissist Will Use to Control You


    In modern society today there are a lot of people who aren’t as nice as they make themselves out to be. You have to extra careful these days, because it can be very easy to get taken advantage of.

    I don’t know whether the world has always been this way, or if it is a new trait of a new generation, but we have become a society full of narcissists. They are literally everywhere and people are stabbing each other in the back left and right. Nobody has respect for other people and they don’t think about anyone else but themselves. Sound familiar? It probably does, because chances are you’ve already dealt with a narcissist. I know I have and it is no fun.

    A narcissist is someone who is purely concerned with only themselves. They think they are the best at everything and they will not take no for an answer. Most importantly, a narcissistic person will take advantage of whoever they have to gain whatever they seek, and it’s usually attention.

    There are many different ways to tell if you’re dealing with a narcissist, but in my opinion it’s the people who make you feel like you can’t break your back enough to please them. While there are many specific methods of dealing with these types of people, the best approach in any battle is still knowing the tactics of the enemy – and these are the best kept secrets of a narcissist. They use these four tactics to control you.

    1. They’ll Never Show Appreciation

    A narcissistic person will almost never show gratitude for anything that you do, and if they do it’s very little. This is a tactic they use to control you because it subconsciously makes you want to do more to please them. This automatically instills them as a number one priority in your brain.

    2. They Reel You In

    You might think that a narcissist doesn’t have good people skills, but you’d be wrong. Narcissistic people are the best at reading people and really getting to know you from the inside out. They are able to detect vulnerability and loneliness in others. They target individuals who are more vulnerable because they are more easily manipulated. They use your biggest weaknesses against you.

    3. They Isolate You From Everyone You Know

    A narcissist needs you to need them. They don’t only need that, but they need to be the center of your attention. They also like to ensure that nobody else will be there for you when you need help. To achieve this they will isolate you from everyone you know. They’ll get angry if you hangout with your friends, absorb all your free time, and they’ll even isolate you from your family.

    4. They Use the Silent Treatment

    When a narcissist is ultimately demonstrating their control of the victim they will use the silent treatment. This is a way of essentially threatening you of losing them. They will be silent when you reach out to them in need and it’ll make you feel broken. After the narcissist ensures you have no other emotional support, they can criticize you without any bias.

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