35 of the Most Powerful Photos of All Time


    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and not many people will disagree with that. We are enormously privileged that photos are so accessible to us these days, because there’s just no better way to save a memory!

    Pictures are one of my favorite things to share with people. I love taking photos to capture some of the best memories I’ve made in my lifetime. We have access to pictures anywhere we are these days. Not only that, but our smartphones that we have with us all the time have cameras that are technologically equivalent to a professional grade DSLR camera! We have the privilege of seeing our memories at any given moment and place and in high definition too! And for that, we are lucky, however, photos are specifically great for one other thing.

    Photos are an excellent way to raise awareness and really capture the feeling of a certain moment. Many different research foundations and global awareness groups wouldn’t be able to spread the word of how serious some things are without a picture. I mean, you just don’t imagine the intensity of third world countries – but a photo can really give you a visual. In fact, all of the photos below can. These photos are enormously powerful and honestly, everyone in the western society needs to see them. We have to stop looking at the world through rose shaded glasses and do our part. Just look at the photos below.


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