30 Pictures of Modern Society Worth a Thousand Words


    Without a shadow of a doubt, our world is completely turned upside down in the most disturbing way. And while I could go on and on and on explaining why that is, I believe that a single picture is worth a thousand words, so here are thirty that accurately depict the state of the world today.

    Take heed to my advice before you move forward in this gallery: you may be disturbed, or offended by what you see, and while that is oftentimes a good thing, the unenlightened mind simply can’t handle images that make them question their existence. You have been warned.

    1.  Remember that old Smashing Pumpkins song that had a line that goes a little something like “Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.” Do you understand now?

    2. The rich elite are always finding a way to bring the rest of us to servitude.

    3. And as our world is falling a part, our president seems to be using his power to empower the rich elite, make our nation appear as a three-ring-circus side show on Twitter and to bring about what appears to be the bring of World War III.

    4. Sadly, no matter how many people try to explain that pollution and climate change is a real thing, there is always someone who will come along and paint the clouds in red, to lead the proles to believe nothing is wrong.

    5. Our culture is oh so willing to lose themselves for the entertainment provided by the internet.

    6. The structure of our political system is a joke…..

    7. The art of truly social encounters is lost.

    8. Slowly but surely, our world is being destroyed by corruption and pollution.

    9. And people are so hung up on judging others that they don’t even care.

    10. The only thing about birds chirping the next generation may know about will be associated with Twitter.

    11. Our corporate masters are destroying our Earth for cash.

    12. Consumerism is destroying our society, while enriching the elite.

    13. We are slaves to technology.

    14. And the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

    15. The destruction of our world is happening one handshake at a time.

    16. We have all became a bunch of junk food filled gluttons dependent upon preservative filled crap.

    17. Unfortunately, that food comes at a cost to all sentient beings.

    18. Being the slaves that we are to the 9-5 work week, Monday has became our enemy.

    19. Even when we stand up and realize that we are enslaved, our handlers have a way of sorting that out.

    20. We. Are. Slaves.

    21. We walk around in rags, carrying the weight of the rich elite, yet we believe we are free.

    22. Even our holidays no longer have meaning as they too have been consumed by CONSUMERISM.

    23. Television is bull crap.

    24. And we have all let ourselves go.

    25. Instead of helping people in need, we are more concerned with cataloging it and sharing it with our friends.

    26. As our televisions become slimmer, we get larger….

    27. We are being herded over a cliff.

    28. We will do anything for a dollar.

    29. And our masters have us on a string for predators to take.

    30. But just keep on watching that television…..

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