3 Reasons The Revolution Will Accelerate This Weekend


    The first weekend of December 2016 will highlight a major shifting point in the world. Of course, there has been a slow change taking place over time, this weekend, in particular, is likely to show us the most visible signs of servitude to masters coming to an end.

    Standing Rock

    This weekend, 2,000 military veterans are planning to surround the Standing Rock reserve to join the water protectors in protest to defend the protectors from the brutality of the local police and security officers.

    The outcome of this event is uncertain as it is hard to determine whether or not the police will treat the veterans in the same manner that they have treated the peaceful protesters. One outcome could be that the police offers might even refuse to fight against the veterans, and in that refusal defy the commands of their government.

    If this doesn’t happen, and the officers turn violently against the veterans, how is America going to take that news? We could see a major shift taking place within the nation if veterans are viciously attacked by the police in the same manner they have attacked the Native Americans.



    In Austria, on Sunday, there will be a rerun election which will decide upon the next president of the nation. Currently, polls show the popular vote is for Norber Hofer, who is very anti-establishment. He has even gone as far as to say that if he was to win that he would allow the citizens of Austria to decide whether or not to continue to stay as a part of the European Union.

    If you aren’t aware of the situations taking place within the E.U, this may not appear to be such a big deal. However, the European Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker issued a statement in which he pleaded with the presidential candidates to not hold a referendum that would allow the citizens to choose. Why? Well, then the nation would no longer belong to or bow down to the massive Superstate that we refer to as the European Union.



    If the previous two weren’t enough, also taking place on Sunday is a vote on whether or not to amend the Italian constitution. This change would allow the Prime Minister to have more control, while the Senate and regions surrounding Italy would lose power. As it stands, the popular vote is “No”. If this vote continues and is implemented on
    Sunday, the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has stated that he would step down. Of course, following this decision, there are many situations that could pan out. One, for example, is that the anti-establishment and anti-Euro political party known as the Five Star Movement would come into power. If they were to take control of the nation, it would be a major step in the direction of defeating the globalists plans for controlling several European countries by use of a single currency.

    What’s more, is that there are anti-establishment candidates that are winning in the polls of the Netherlands and France, who will vote respectively in March and April.

    With the passing of just one weekend, we could see our entire world step forward towards a route of change, and the further defeat of the New World Order.

    According to an anti-establishment Dutch politician, Geert Wilders:

    “A worldwide movement is emerging that puts an end to the politically correct doctrines of the elites and the media that are subordinate to them. That has been proven by Brexit. That has been proven by the US elections. That is about to be proven in Austria and Italy. That will be proven next year in France, Germany, and The Netherlands.

    The course of things is about to take a different turn. Citizens no longer tolerate it. Common sense will prevail over politically correct arrogance. The voice of freedom cannot be imprisoned; it rings like a bell. Everywhere, ever more people are saying what they think. They demand politicians who take them seriously, who listen to them, who speak on their behalf. It is a genuine democratic revolt. And I tell you, the battle of the elite against the people will be won by the people.”

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