3 Books That Have Been Suppressed in America


Here are 3 books that have been suppressed in the US:

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Matin interviews NY
University media studies professor Mark Crispin Miller about 3 books (they originally meant to discuss 5 but ran out of time) that have been censored by the media.

The Phoenix Program

The first book mentioned is The Phoenix Program written by Douglas Valetine from the early nineties, which exposed a massive terrorist CIA covert program that took place in South Vietnam.

Professor Miller explains that this book is important because it also helps us to understand the current so called “war on terror” and how it is actually a war OF terror;

 “The government uses the danger of terrorism
to justify all kind of horrible infringements on our constitutional
rights, so that it’s now okay to assassinate Americans with drones, it
now okay to subject Americans to indefinite detention by the military.
All of this was first put in place by the CIA in the Phoenix program, which accounts for the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in South Vietnam who had been tortured and assassinated”. 

This book not only informs the reader that what was going on in Vietnam was far from benevolent in intent, but also even worse than originally thought regarding crimes against humanity.

What made this book so dangerous to the system is that it was rooted in facts and actual interviews with CIA officials admitting what the program was all about.

You can purchase it HERE if you are interested.

The Lords of Creation

Written by Federick Lewis Allen several decades ago in 1935, The Lords of Creation predicted how Wallstreets elite would take over the world and consolidate their empire. Powerful families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are not surprisingly featured, along with other heavy weights like JP Morgan and others documenting how they manipulate the economy and control the money supply and big business.

This book is selling for a MIND BLOWING $2,000 used, but if you are interested you can pick up an audio CD narration of 10 bucks HERE.


Christopher Simpson is best known for his work on Operation
Paperclip, which was a program where the CIA recruited Nazi scientists (including war criminals) after world war 2.

In Blowback he goes into thorough detail about how this process actually went down and how morals and ethics don’t play any role in deep state politics.

For those who are interested you can purchase this book HERE

These books are a crucial part of history which has been manipulated, distorted and hidden from us. They are also a part of a new series called Forbidden Shelf which seeks to put readers in touch with books that have been censored and suppressed. You can find their facebook page HERE to keep up to speed with any new releases they share.

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