2Pac Exposing TRUTH behind the Controlling Concept of Religion, God and the Devil!



Named after a legendary rebel named Tupac Amaru II, all of us presumably know who Tupac Amaru Shakur is. Not just because he was considered to be the most famous rapper of all time, but also considered to be a philosopher, a thinker and an activist, despite the mainstream media focusing solely on his short comings.

Those who have done there research know Tupac liked to tackle and talk about controversial issues; from politics to religion, police brutality to the military industrial complex, no topic was off limits.

The below interview, from the “lost tapes”, is such a powerful and thought provoking insight, that you’ll probably wonder why you’ve never see it before.

Tupac reminds us in this interview that religion is mostly used to control us and that the hypocrisy of big churches, and their “gold ceilings” has nothing to do with helping people or making the world a better place. He also poses an interesting theory that has been discussed by others before, which is do we choose to come to this world before hand? Do we choose our experience because we have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled?

However you look at it, life is a mystery, but one thing I think is agreeable for all people, regardless of skin color, religion or whatever, is we want to live in a peaceful world where we are happy and free from unnecessary suffering and pain. When you think about the fact that we all want this, but organized religions are telling us certain people are superior, others are inferior, etc. you have to ask yourself are they really serving the people, or are they serving themselves by keeping us divided even though we all want the same thing?

R.I.P. 2Pac your words and thoughts continue to live on.

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