25 Signs You Need To Overcome Your Victim Mentality


    There is always going to be sometime in your life where you are victimized. People tend to have cruel intentions sometimes and eventually, it’ll just so happen to afflict you.

    You have to come to terms with being victimized and move on from it. You have to have an understanding of the things you cannot control. Just because you happened to be the target for someone else’s cruel intentions doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. It has nothing to do with your overall character and you cannot let it discourage you from letting yourself be happy. At some point, you have to pick yourself up and decide to be happy. You can’t let other people control your life by taking advantage of you and abandoning you. When you don’t pick yourself up off the ground and move on from being victimized, you’ll adapt to a victim mentality and you’ll never be able to be happy.

    The victim mentality is a psychological term referring to a type of dysfunctional mindset where one seeks to feel persecuted in order to obtain attention or avoid self-responsibility. People with this mindset believe that life is not only unfair to them but is actually out to get them. It causes them to constantly blame other people for their problems and mistakes. People with the victim mentality will even search for something to be wrong where there isn’t anything. They begin to thrive on pity parties, pessimism, fear, and anger.

    On some occasions, it might be difficult for someone to really know if they have the victim mentality since it can become such a subconscious habit. If you display any of these 25 signs, you have the victim mentality and you have to break it before it is too late. Take responsibility for your own happiness and stop letting it be determined by other people.

    1.You feel stuck in life or that you’re not going anywhere because there are no opportunities. When you don’t have the power to take charge of your life in one area, you lose your ability to take charge in any other areas.

    2. You feel incapable of doing what you want. You feel as if you aren’t good enough to do so, lack the talent or intellect etc.

    3. You’ve never recovered from a traumatic event. If you have experienced a serious trauma in your life it can be hard to escape the victim mentality until you recover from it. You’ll never be able to conquer your life if you don’t let yourself move on.

    4. You feel as if you are responsible for the things that happen in your life such as blaming your parents or anyone who inflicted any pain upon you. No matter the actions of the people around you, you are always the only person responsible for your actions.

    5. You feel like you can’t prevent anything bad from happening in your life. It might seem like one thing after the other and you are unable to catch a break from life’s struggles. You blame your stresses on other people and begin to wait for the next thing that happens.

    6. You blame other people in many different scenarios, and you rationalize to yourself why it is not your fault.

    7. It upsets you when you don’t get sympathy. People with the victim mentality thrive on pity and the entire reason they do so is to receive sympathy. If you find yourself upset because other people aren’t stopping to take care of you it might be the issue.

    8. You feel as if other people have it better than you. You think no matter how hard you try, you’ll never have it as good as anyone else.

    9. You enjoy feeling sorry for yourself. You like for other people to feel bad for you.

    10. You blow things out of proportion and always talk about how horrible everyone is to you.

    11. You’re a negative person. People with the victim mentality tend to be very pessimistic. It doesn’t matter how good of a day you are having, you’ll always think of something that could make it better.

    12. You live in a state of fear. You’re always afraid of the next thing that’s going to happen to you and the way you’ll react. You’re constantly afraid to love or be vulnerable.

    13. You inflict your pain on the people you love. If you are in a bad mood you are destined to make everyone around you in one too.

    14. Your friends are negative too. People who have the victim mentality surround themselves with other negative people and it turns out to always be a competition for whose life is the worst.

    15. You’re not happy, even when good things happen. People with the victim mentality will not allow themselves to be happy or positive about anything. When good things are happening they are just waiting for the next bad thing to go wrong.

    16.You believe the world is a dark and scary place where happiness is unachievable.

    17. You always negative self-talking. Every chance you get you are putting yourself down.

    18. You refuse to assess yourself and fix your own life.

    19. You always find something to complain about.

    20. When it comes to sharing traumatic experiences you tend to try and one up everyone around you.

    21. You feel powerless when it comes to changing your circumstances.

    22. You always think other people are purposely trying to hurt you.

    23. You feel attacked when given constructive criticism.

    24. You think you wouldn’t have the problems you do if you didn’t experience some type of trauma.

    25. You enjoy sharing your traumatic and tragic stories with other people.


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