20 Spooky Government Program That You’ll Have Trouble Believing Are Real


    We’ve all heard of the various conspiracy theories regarding government programs. But did you know that a vast majority of these are actually more fact than theory?

    1. Operation Northwoods (1962)

    During the midst of the Cold War, the CIA proposed operation Northwoods to President John F. Kennedy. If carried out, the U.S government would have committed a series of violent acts of terror against the American people. Their reasoning? So the U.S could blame Cuba, and then use it as an excuse to attack Cuba.

    2. Operation Mockingbird (1951)

    Throughout the 1950’s, the American people were eating propaganda by the spoonful, thanks to Operation Mockingbird. By use of the press (the New York Times, Newsweek and Time Magazine were included…) the CIA manipulated the American people until the 1960’s when the public became aware of the operation. Many believe this continues to take place, in spite of public opinion.

    3. CIA Heart Attack Gun (the 1970’s)

    The dart found inside this secret CIA weapon would be able to penetrate clothing, and leave merely a small red dot on the body. The dart itself disintegrates on impact. However, once the poison is inside of your system, it will make it’s way quickly to your heart, causing a heart attack. In 1975, the weapon’s existence came to light, during a U.S senate testimony regarding the rogue activities of the CIA.

    4. The Montauk Project (the 1980’s)

    Recently, a Netflix Original series entitled ‘Stranger Things,’ has brought a very secret government program to light. The show is based on ‘the Montauk Project’, as it was called, was a project used to conduct experiments on young men and children, by waging psychological warfare techniques against them. Included in these were time travel, teleportation and mind control.

    5. MKUltra and the Unabomber

    MKUltra is a CIA mind control program that used a number of tactics, including the use of LSD, in order to test the potential for mind control. One of the main scientists who backed the program was named Henry Murray, conducted a number of experiments at Harvard including sensory deprivation, and LSD. One of his subjects was a student named Ted Kaczynski, who ended up being the “Unabomber.”

    6. The Stargate Project (1984)

    Back in 1984, the CIA used a psychic to remotely view Mars. During the interview, he was asked to travel backward to several points in time on Mars, and several other points of interest. In the end, the psychic explains how there was once life there, and that he had saw pyramids. And regardless of whether you believe in Aliens or not, it’s pretty strange that our government used such tactics. It makes you wonder what else they have done…..

    7. AcoustIc Kitty (1967)

    While the CIA has modernized exponentially since the 60’s, apparently, times got tough for the CIA. In one of the strangest moves of espionage, the CIA conducted an operation dubbed ‘Acoustic Kitty.’ Apparently, devices were strapped to household cats, and some were even surgically implanted with microphones. Could you imagine that your pet had participated in espionage? Well…..there is always that possibility. 

    8. Operation Gay Sex (Ongoing)

    In order to sway the public of communist regimes, what better way than to show them lookalikes of their leaders engaging in gay sex? During the creation of this plan, on more than one occasion the CIA has proposed producing their own gay porn. This operation was last proposed during the Gulf Way using Saddam Hussein, or Osama Bin Laden. Thankfully, so far, we have dodged that bullet!

    9. Operation Snow White (1970’s)

    In the 1970’s the CIA launched an investigation regarding the infiltration of the Church of Scientology into various aspects of government. Apparently, the church’s founder owed millions in back taxes and had mapped out a plan to thwart it in the 1960’s. After he had been busted, L. Ron Hubbard went into hiding.

    10. Operation Midnight Climax (1950′-1960’s)

    In the early 1950s-1960s, not much was known about drugs. In order to find out, the CIA tested them, including LSD. They conducted an operation in Safe Houses from California to New York, where they would have prostitutes to lure people in. Then, the more willing to comply gentlemen would be watched through a window.

    11. U.S Government Tested Radiation on Pregnant Women (1950’s)

    During the 1950’s, the government had begun testing radiation on a number of people including pregnant women, newborn babies, and mentally handicapped people.

    The researchers would give them doses of iodine-131, and after they miscarried due to the radiation, they would study the aborted embryo to find when the radiation had made its way to the placental barrier. 

    12. Operation Popeye (1967- 1972)

    While conspiracy theorists have theorized for quite some time that the CIA had weather manipulation weapons, it has actually been a fact for some time. Between 1967-1972 the CIA used weather manipulation weapons against Vietnam to induce landslides, monsoons, and flooding.

    13. The Bay of Pigs (1960)

    In 1960’s the CIA trained 1,300 Cubans to overthrow Fidel Castro. But, Cuban intelligence caught on, causing thousands of Cubans to be killed.

    14. Operation Mongoose (1962)

    In yet another ploy against Fidel Castro, the CIA conducted Operation Mongoose. This particular operation was a bit more straightforward than the previous, as they poisoned his own supply of cigars. Castro survived the various attempts.

    15. The Sundial

    The sundial was a weapon proposed by Edward Teller or the father of the h-bomb.

    Just to explain how powerful the sundial would have been, let’s take a look at the largest bomb to ever be detonated, or the Tsar Bomba, which could have yielded 100 megatons. The bomb dropped on Nagasaki was 20 kilotons. The Sundial would yield 10,000 megatons (10,000,000 kilotons.) This would make the Sundial exponentially more powerful than the largest bomb ever detonating, with the ability to scorch an entire area the size of Texas.

    16. Project Pluto

    The purpose of project Pluto would be to power cruise missiles that could use a nuclear reaction to heat incoming air, in turn, it would be able to use the heated air for propulsion. It had the ability to stay in the air for months, going in circles until it was told to hit a target.

    17. The FBI Declassified Jonestown Tapes

    Most people have heard about the Jonestown cult at least once in their lives. It was during this, unfortunately, incident that Jim Jones led 909 members of the People’s Temple committed suicide. The suicide was committed by the consumption of cyanide poison. On the following tape, the horrific events unfold.

    18. Operation Big Buzz

    In 1955, the government dumped 300,000 mosquitos on the citizens of Georgia to find out how quickly they could spread Yellow Fever. The mosquitos were unable to make it past 2,000 feet, and Georgia was left with a mosquito program.

    19. Vipeholm Experiments

    During the years between 1945-1955, the mentally ill were forced sweets in order to understand tooth decay. And it was the American government, working alongside the sugar industry that sponsored the study.

    20. Operation Wide Receiver (2006-2007)

    The ATF, along with the Bush Administration, ‘walked guns’ over the Mexican border and allowed them to find their ways into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, responsible for the murders of countless individuals. While they maintained that it was for tracking purposes, many others believe it was to keep the gun industry thriving. 

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