15 Little-Known and Surprising Facts About Lefties


    Most people are right-handed primarily, but we all know at least one lefty. Lefties aren’t just unique in their inverted writing style! They actually have some unique traits about them that right hander’s lack.

    You might view left-handed people as odd or strange. I mean just look at the way they write! It’s so complicated and backward. It stresses me out, but that’s just OCD! Left-handed writers make up a mere 10% of the world population. Some people are even ambidextrous, meaning they can use their right or left hand. However, according to many old wise tales, left-handed writers are special and a gift from the universe! There is much more to a left-handed writer than just their writing style. They’re unique in a variety of ways. They might even be aliens! Okay, that was a joke. I’m just kidding.

    Left-handed people aren’t aliens, but they are very special. You certainly didn’t know these 15 things about left-handers. It’s super interesting that such a small characteristic can indicate such a difference.

    1. Left Hander’s Ancestors Were Also Left Handed

    Left-handedness hasn’t just been rare in modern day times. Even in ancient times, people favored the right hand. Some 500,000-year-old neanderthal tools have been found to show wear and tear consistent with right-handed users, according to researchers.

    2. Left-Handedness Affects Language

    For most people, language develops in their left side of the brain. This is known as the Broca’s area, it is where we develop ideas, translate communication, and controls the right side of the body. However, some people have language skills that form on the right side of the brain. These individuals are what who we know as the left-handers.

    3. History Hasn’t Been Kind to the Left Hander

    Back in the day, left-handers were made to retrain their hands and were even punished for using the wrong one. Science suggests that it’s not the desire to make people conform to a certain standard. According to researchers from the University of Utah, things that pertain to the left-handers can be scary. They tend to be more afraid of things on the left than on the right, according to the researchers.

    4. There Were Left Handed Biblical Warriors

    Left-handers might have a slight advantage when it comes to hand to hand combat. The Bible makes special notice of left-handed warriors. God sent warrior Ehud sneaking his double-bladed dagger into the king’s presence by hiding it on his right thigh. He is referred to as a left-handed assassin and it’s one of the bloodiest assassinations in the bible.

    5. King George VI Retrained Left-Handed Children

    In the 20th century Britain, even children were retrained to be right-handed. A Zulu child who ate George’s porridge with his left hand could expect to have their hand burned as a lesson. Britain children would have their left hand tied down forcing them to write with the right hand in school.

    6. Studies Say Left Handers Have Shorter Life Spans

    According to a study published between the late 1980s and early 1990s, a survey of 2,000 people living—and dying—in Southern California led researchers to conclude that left-handed people were, on average, nine years younger when they died.

    7. Left Handers Respond Better in Emergency Situations

    A left-handed person might have a slight edge in an emergency situation, especially if it is in the dark. Researchers say that left-handers are able to identify and grab items and weapons faster in a state of emergency.

    8. Many Murderers Have Been Left Handed

    9. Witches Are Typically Left Handed

    Historical texts from ancient Europe say that practices of witchcraft were left handed. They were said to use the left hand to cast spells on other people.

    10. Left Handers Are Smarter

    St. Lawrence University conducted IQ tests among right- and left-handed people. The test results concluded that there were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than those individuals with dominant right hands. Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton were lefties!

    11. Lefties Are Easily Embarrassed

    Behavioral Tests in Scotland showed a correlation between left-handedness and embarrassment.

    12. Lefties Are Quicker to Anger

    Lefties show an imbalance in processing emotions with the left side of their brain, which includes anger. Many lefties have severe anger issues.

    13. Lefties Drink More Often

    A survey of more than 25,000 people from 12 countries concluded that left-handed people drink more frequently than their right-handed counterparts. Luckily the research did not indicate that left-handed people were more prone to abuse alcohol.

    14. They’re Artistic

    A survey of over 2,000 left-handed people showed that the majority of lefties were drawn to careers in art and music.

    15. They Have Higher Risk for Disorders

    The left hemisphere of the brain is used by both lefties and righties for language functioning. However, approximately 30% of lefties are partial to their right hemisphere. As a result, lefties run a higher risk of developing schizophrenia, dyslexia, or ADHD.

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