12 Strings Narcissists Pull to Control You


    Today it can be very easy to get taken advantage of by a manipulative person. They seem to be everywhere these days, and if you have stay informed on their tactics of manipulation – it might prevent you from loads of heartache.

    Manipulative people are everywhere these days. It seems like everyone has taken an extremely rapid turn to narcissism. Everyone is so obsessed with their own social status that they forget about the true meaning of life, the importance of loved ones, and their true self. They have a wide variety of tactics for abusing you and getting everything they want. The worst part about it is that can do it without you ever even noticing it. You need to be informed of their manipulative tactics to be able to refrain from being taken advantage of.

    1. Gaslighting

    Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic that can completely distort the way someone perceives things. It erodes your sense of reality and disables you from feeling justified in calling out your abuser for your mistreatment. It makes it to where you simply cannot take up for yourself because you don’t even realize that you’re being done wrongly.

    2. Projection

    Projection is a tactic that consists of a person being chronically unwilling to see his or her own shortcomings. It uses everything in their power to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Projection is a defense mechanism to displace responsibility of one’s negative behavior and traits by blaming them on someone else.

    3. Nonsensical Conversation

    They are the best at distracting you from what is truly important. They might use circular conversations to disorient you and get you off your train of thought. They do this to discredit you, or confuse you. Human beings with actual thoughts and feelings that differ from their own.

    4. Generalizations

    A narcissist will use generalizations to invalidate experiences that don’t fit in their mindset. Because they are intellectual masterminds they are able to generalize anything and everything you say, making it to where you don’t even notice the actual intentions of the people.  

    5. Deliberate Misinterpretation

    A manipulative person will make it look like they misunderstand your feelings, but they do it on purpose. They do this to avoid taking responsibility and actually taking someone else into consideration.

    6. Nitpicking

    They will additionally pick our every flaw they can to make you feel bad about yourself. Abusive narcissists so that no matter what kind of evidence of abuse you have, there is always something you’re doing to cause it.

    7. The Blame Game

    They play the blame game more than anyone. They absolutely refuse to take responsibility for their actions and accept constructive criticism. They are always blaming someone else for their actions.

    8. Changing the Subject

    Like I said before, they are the best at distracting. They can disguise their cruel intentions in a variety of different ways, but they are notorious for changing the subject. Anytime you bring up something important to you they will automatically change the subject to something else.

    9. Subtle Threats

    They tend to subtly threaten you with their loss. They make it known that they don’t mind abandoning you and leaving you to fend for yourself. They do this make you feel like you need them.

    10. Name Calling

    When all else fails they will even resort to name calling. They are the best at making you feel bad about yourself and they know just the right things to say to hurt you deeply.

    11. Destructive Conditioning

    They take your best qualities and break them down one by one. They make special note of your strong suits and the areas where you are most resilient and try to deteriorate them any way they can.

    12. Stalking

    When you manage to get even the slightest bit away from them they stalk you. They never cease to show up in your life somewhere, making it even harder for you to escape them.


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